5 Essentials You Need for Pack for Your Workcation

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There are plenty of ways to work from home, such as on your couch or even in your own home office. While this is great, and very comfy as well,  sometimes working from your home can be a little boring? So how is something like this usually combatted? With a workcation of course!  So what is a workcation? A workcation is a type of vacation that is taken on professional grounds. It’s a chance to get away from your desk and spend time with your family and friends, but still, maintain a sense of productivity.

So you’re not exactly on a vacation, as you still have to work, but it does give you the chance to work in a new environment, almost as if you’re on vacation.  While these can be a very exciting opportunity, just like for any trip you’re going to have to pack some of the essentials that you’ll need for work. So here are some things that you just may need!

A good keyboard

Even if you plan to do your work on your laptop, the cheap keys can hurt your wrist and your fingertips. Mechanical keyboards are significantly better to use as your fingers don’t need as much pressure when typing. Get one, you’re going to see a massive difference. Can mechanical keyboards be wireless? Absolutely, there are some that are corded but there are plenty on the market that are wireless as well.

Important documents

While most businesses opt to go paperless, there are some that still need paper documents. For safety, it’s best to take just about all your paper documents. While it’s more convenient to have these digitised, that is something that can take up a lot of time. So bring your documents, your physical ones, and digitised ones with you on your workcation.

External hard drive

No matter what you’re working on, there is a very high chance that it’s going to involve storage and a lot of it. So what happens if your laptop runs out of space during your workcation? In the best-case scenario, you’d have an external hard drive. These will always come to your aid as you can backup all of your important data to these. External hard drives don’t need to be expensive either, you can find them for very affordable prices.


A power bank isn’t always needed but if you’re going to be away from your accommodation for a bit during your workcation, it may be best to have one on hand. Battery life for phones isn’t the best, besides, apps are constantly eating at the battery as well. What if you’re at your accommodation and the power cuts off? Well, a power bank can help you out there as well. You can find power banks for something as small as phones, but they can extend to helping the battery life of a laptop as well.

A good headset

Most built-in microphones for laptops are incredibly poor quality. Nowadays with remote working, it requires a lot of Teams and Zoom meetings. This will most likely include having to be on camera and needing to speak. Getting yourself a good headset can ensure that you have a good microphone and you can hear everyone clearly.

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