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When you have finally finally finished your GCSEs and have the whole summer to yourself, it is nice to not have to think about colleges or anything related to education. However if you want to carry on with your school life after high school and get to the next stage of your career, it is important to choose a sixth form college early.

Choosing a college can be a tough choice and it can often take you away from your old school somewhere new. Today we are going to have a look at how you can choose a college for yourself this year.

Public or Private

The question which you might not have considered immediately when choosing a college is whether to stay public or go to a private school. There are many great recommended private sixth form colleges around the country and depending on the type of subject you want to take on, it can be a good idea for you to consider this as an option.


The most important decision you will need to make as a later teen is whether you are willing to relocate to a flat or accommodation for your college, or if you want to stay living at home with your parents. Ideally, living at home would be better for you because it will allow you to take on a part time job and earn some money without spending it all right away on living costs. When it comes to travelling far for your college things can be pricey and also scary. Try to find a college within range of your home and this will make your life a lot easier.

Subjects and Facilities

When choosing a college to suit you, it is important for you to think of the facilities a college has. For example your own high school might also have a college but if you want to go into science and your own school doesn’t have great facilities this can impede your learning and your prospects. Be sure to pick a college on merit and this will make things much better for you.


Depending on the type of college you decide to choose, there might be a cost involved for admission. This will of course be a huge factor in choosing a college because you may not be able to afford a high end college at all. Make sure that you go through college options which are either free or within your budget for ease.


Making new friends can be incredibly hard and this is one of the things which you can struggle with as a teen. Especially in the late teens you will be concentrating on your education which can make it hard to find time to make a whole new group of friends. Be sure to consider whether your friends will be coming to the same place as you because this can have a profound effect on the experience you have.

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