Password Boss Premium Review

Password Boss

Password Boss is a great little utility to securely remember all your online passwords.

As more and more is done over the internet, if you are like me you will have numerous usernames and passwords for different websites and having the same password for all is not a good idea. Having to remember all the different passwords can also be a hassle so I have been trying out Password Boss Premium, a nice little utility to remember all those details for you and all encrypted so that only you have access to the stored details. Password Boss has 256bit AES encryption which is the same level of security used by major banks and governments.

You can also use it to fill it forms – name, address, telephone number, email address etc. so saving time having to type in the same information all the time. You can also store credit card details for faster checkout when shopping online and can even securely share data with friends and family.

Download and install was simple and straightforward. Once installed you create an account with a “Master Password” which if lost you cannot reset so there is no chance of anyone getting hold of your data (unless of course you give them the password). The initial setup wizard does take a bit of time filling it all your details, bank account, card details etc… but then are stored for future use.

Once up and running you can store login details for all your favourite websites, enter your credit card number for faster checkout when shopping online and save details for form filling.

The program is very simple to use, login with your Master Password and you will automatically be logged in to the sites that you have stored details for when you visit them, eliminating the need to remember details or run the risk of being locked out of sites due to getting details incorrect. If like me you use more than one device (PC, laptop, phone or tablet) you can install Password Boss on all devices and sync them so that you can login from any device.

If you are not convinced about the 256bit AES encryption you can also enable 2-step verification which every time you want to sign in to Password Boss you will also require a code that is sent to your mobile phone as well as your Master Password.

Included is a Digital Wallet that stores Bank Account and Credit Card details. There is also a Secure Browser function for secure internet browsing. Should you need to create secure password there is also a Password Generator which can create passwords up to 30 characters in length containing letters, numbers, symbols and capitals so you can create very strong passwords that cannot be guessed.

Now storing all that sensitive may be a worry, what if you lose your phone or tablet that the Password Boss program is stored on? Does that give others access to ALL your accounts? Well they would need the Master Password but for added security there is also a remote delete function so that all that information can be removed from the missing device without losing a secure backup of the information. To do this you will need to register your account on the Password Boss Portal, once this is done you can login to the portal and see a list of devices included on your subscription and delete the one(s) required.

There is a free version of Password Boss for use on one device which gives you the Password Vault to store unlimited passwords, the Digital Wallet, Auto-fill to automatically fill in website forms. For unlimited syncing of devices so you can access from anywhere, unlimited secure sharing, theft protection to delete data remotely from devices, 2-step verification, automatic online backup and priority support you will need to purchase the Premium version at $29.99 per year (around £21).

Overall I found this to be a very simple program to use and very secure. The only issue I did have was when filling in my tax return the automatic form filling was getting in the way so I disabled it while doing so.

At $29.99 (around £22) I think this is a very reasonable price to pay for securely storing all your sensitive information – no more having to use the same passwords across all websites or having a little book when you have to write everything down.

A great little program that I found easy to use with its user-friendly interface and very little slow down of the device I was using it on. Highly recommended.

Rating: 5/5

For more information, to download the free version or to purchase the premium version of Password Boss visit


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