Look After Yourself: The Changed Household Role Of A Modern Man

Modern Man

The world has changed a lot since many of us were children. While we often read about what a time of change and liberation the 1960s were, a look back over the last few decades shows even bigger changes. Maybe the clearest example of this is in terms of gender roles.

Once upon a time, a time not long past, a man of a certain age was expected to find a wife. The reason for this was that as he moved out into the world to make his way in the world, he needed someone to look after the home.

Even in the liberated atmosphere of the 60s, and for a while afterward, the idea that a man would do that for himself seemed like anarchy. But as we move towards the third decade of the 21st Century, it’s now rightly expected that a man can keep a house running – whether he lives alone or not.

Cooking – And Not Just The Basics

Not long ago, if a man could make a bacon sandwich without burning the house down, half the country would applaud. The other half would look down their noses at a clear transgression of gender roles. Now, a modern man is expected to know his way around a kitchen.

A bacon sandwich is basic stuff now. If a man isn’t capable of putting together a decent lasagne or a vegetarian biryani, we might doubt his readiness to even live in the real world.

Homemaking Skills – From Chores To Maintenance

We often see comedic parodies of the way a home was in the 1950s. A wife would hoover, clean and cook and keep a pristine home. If a lightbulb popped or a sink sprung a leak, she’d call for the help of a man for this basic home maintenance.

A modern man, on the other hand, should be able to live in a home for an indefinite period without it becoming a grimy hovel. It works both ways – if you as a couple buy LED Spotlights for your home, it’s expected that either of the couple will know how to change a bulb. Not that you’re likely to need to very often; you can expect 50,000 hours of service from most. That’s over a decade of use.

Decorating – From Idea To Completion

The division of labour in a home used to be straightforward. In the clichéd homes of the past, a wife would pick out paint colours, fabrics and carpeting. It would then fall to the man to install them. Given that many men (and women) can now expect at least a period of living on their own, it’s expected that a man should have an eye for what looks good.

Once that eye has decided what looks good, a modern man should expect to be able to make it happen. Having the ability to paint, hang curtains and lay flooring should not be beyond anyone. If you’re having trouble putting it all in place, there’s always YouTube for instructional videos.

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