Feeling Homesick? 3 Reasons to Move Back Closer to Home


If you’re sitting home on your own or with your partner and feel a terrible sense of homesickness, then perhaps you’ve moved a little too far away from your previous home or maybe you simply aren’t ready to own your own home yet. Unless you’ve invested in a mortgage, then it’s not too late to consider moving back once your rental contract expires. However, if it’s only been a couple of days or weeks since you moved into your new home, then you might just be adjusting to the new conditions.

We all grow up and move away from our friends and family eventually. It could be due to our career choices or maybe we feel like we need to spread our wings and leave the nest. But if you feel like it’s happening all a bit too fast, then perhaps the following pointers will help you change your mind and convince you to move back as soon as possible.

Taking care of friends and family members that need help

One of the biggest advantages of living closer to your friends and family members is the ability to give them a helping hand whenever needed. Perhaps you used to help them mow the lawn, maybe you helped with their grocery shopping, or you might even have an elderly friend or family member that occasionally needs a bit of help with anything from reaching the top shelf of their kitchen to getting out of the house for a walk.

You don’t like your new job

If you work far away from home then you might consider moving closer to your workplace for benefits such as reduced travel costs and being closer to the office if you need to be on standby. But if you don’t enjoy your new job, then it can often feel like you’ve completed wasted your time and effort. You’ve moved away from familiarities into unknown territory to try and start a new life, but you ultimately fall short of your dreams and discover that moving away was the worst choice you’ve made and that your new job wasn’t worth it. If that describes your situation, then contact some moving companies, pack your bags and turn back the way you came.

You miss the comforting atmosphere or don’t fit into your new neighbourhood

One of the biggest things people miss when they move away is the atmosphere of their local community. You learn the names of your neighbours, you know the likes and dislikes of the guy that runs your local fast food place, and you know the names of all the regulars at the local bars and pubs. Because of this, we feel like we’re integrated into the community and that we’re part of a larger family. You’ll always look out for each other, give each other help and you’ve grown up together.

When you move into a new neighbourhood, not everyone is going to welcome you. There might be racial stereotypes, discrimination against newcomers or maybe people just aren’t very friendly. It’s difficult trying to make new friends and not everyone is accepting of new faces.

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