The Subtle Ways You Might Be Worsening Morale In Your Workplace


The number one asset of any business is the employees. Without them, the business would have no chance of survival, so it is clearly imperative that the people are looked after, and looked after well. When it comes to getting that right, however, it can be surprisingly tough knowing exactly what you need to provide for your employees. But you can get closer to the truth on this one by thinking about the following question. What, at the end of the day, do all employees deserve from their workplace? Once you start to look into it, it becomes apparent that there are certain things you absolutely must be providing if you care about the level of morale in the workplace.

Is There A Feeling Of Safety?

Nobody wants to come to work dreading the possibility of being involved in an accident. Similarly, if there is any danger at all of something going badly wrong with the building itself, it is likely that this will subtly but pervasively undermine morale. It is your responsibility as the business owner to ensure that all potential safety and security risks are identified and managed in a swift time frame. You might be surprised at how much you need to focus on for this to be made clear: you’ll have to ensure that the entire premises are as safe as possible. If a drain is blocked anywhere, it could cause a leak, so you’ll have to fix that. If there is a broken window, that’s a major security breach. A fire door that doesn’t quite close: fix it. All the details are important, as they all contribute to a feeling of safety.

Is Everyone On A Level Footing?

If you ask business owners around the world whether or not you should treat people with equality, the vast majority will automatically say yes. But the truth is that most inequality in the workplace (as elsewhere) is the result not of purposeful action, but rather blind inaction. Take another look at how you do things in your business; is it possible you are subtly giving some people more of an advantage than others of equal talent? There is nothing wrong with promoting a hard worker, but are you sure that there is nothing else informing the decision? These are hard issues to look at, but you do need to look a little closer at your own behaviours if you want to root out the possibility of inequality.

Does Everybody Have A Chance To Speak?

You can’t run a business like a dictatorship. For a business to be truly successful, it must be a democracy. That is not to say that you have to get your employees involved in all decisions. It’s still your business, and there is much that is entirely up to you. But nobody in your employment should ever feel as though they are not able or not allowed to speak. Try to encourage an open and honest culture of communication; this will ensure that morale stays high, and that nobody feels left out in your organization.

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