The Rise of Live Online Casino Gaming

Online Casino Gaming

The world of casino gambling has greatly progressed since its initial creation in 17th century Europe. From the bright lights of Las Vegas, to the dimmer lights of your living room, there are now ways to play your favourite casino classics wherever, and whenever, you want! Over the last decade, the opportunity to have an exclusive live Casino experience from the comfort of your home has risen up, allowing players to interact with their very own croupier and watch the action unfold in real time – just the same as if they were actually sitting in a real brick-and-mortar location!

At first, the online live casino world only offered the chance to play live Blackjack. Previously, simply being able to play form your own home seemed to be enough to appease the avid players, however soon they began to miss the ambiance of playing in a real-life casino. So, online live Blackjack was created. But, in its earliest efforts, this version wasn’t quite up to scratch, as they were streamed from a real, land-based casino, instead of the well-polished studios that we’re used to today.

Streaming from an actual casino meant that sometimes the view of the game would be obstructed by other players in the casino, as well as the technological limitations that they had at the time, meaning the quality of the video wasn’t up to scratch. Also, interacting with the dealer wasn’t yet possible. The studio-based breakthrough didn’t take place until 2006, where the issues were finally ironed out. Now the players could see the dealer shuffling the cards in real time, and even had the chance to bet behind, meaning even if all of the virtual seats are filled, you can still place bets!

The rise of the standard online casino empire was a monumental moment in gambling history. In 1994, we saw this new innovative form of gambling come onto the scene, soon accounting for nearly 50% of all casino play. The first fully-functional version of the online casino software was developed by a company called Microgaming, based on the Isle of Man.

In 1998, online Poker truly had its moment, with the launch of a site called “Poker Planet”. Even despite the issues involved with dial-up internet and other technical issues, players still became hooked on this new way to play. Thankfully, better sites started to emerge, and Poker continued to reign supreme. One of the most noteworthy happenings in the world of online poker was when a man by the name of Chris Moneymaker entered the scene and took away a giant $2.5 million prize after winning the World Series of Poker in 2003. Seeing Moneymaker’s impressive win encouraged even more people to jump online and try their own luck – emulating the feel of a live tournament but playing live online Poker!

So, there you have it. It’s not hard to see why live online casino has become so popular over the years, and remained a top pastime for so many. We believe that it’s the interaction side of things that are the most appealing, as that’s the only thing you may miss from brick-and-mortar gambling.

Why not give it a try yourself?

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