Roll the Deuces with these Online Poker Games

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To play deuces is to have any cards with a ranking of two in your hand, for example the two of diamonds. This is just one of the many terms that you’d be wise to learn if you stand to bag a win with Paddy Power Poker! To give you a better idea of what games and features are on offer, keep reading, as we give you a few pointers!

Deuces Wild Multi-Hand

With this game, you have the chance to play multiple hands at one time, therefore giving more ways to win! Thanks to some extra developments from our favourite provider Playtech, you can end up banking as much as 800x your original stake, across all hands.

Gameplay starts at just 0.10 credits per hand, with the chance to increase this wager to up to £100 per hand, if you’re feeling rather ballsy! Playing a standard version of Deuces Wild is fine and dandy for some, but the chance to link multiple hands together within a single round will make your game a lot more lucrative, and exciting! The more hands that you wish to incorporate into the game, the tighter the maximum spend limit will be, for those big spenders amongst you. If you’re looking to play somewhere between four and ten hands, then your maximum bet per hand will be £50, whereas if a 25-hand game is more your style, you’ll be looking at a maximum bet of £20 per line.

Regardless of your stake decision, you will still have the chance to win anywhere from 1x to 800x your first wager, depending on how the cards fall. And, if you’re willing to gamble each time that you win, and you’re feeling rather lucky, you could end up doubling your potential payout, turning even the smallest bet into a hefty profit!

4-line Deuces Wild

Taking on the classic form of the game, this version allows you to play with four different decks of cards – one for each payline. Once you find a deuce in the first deck, you should hit the Hold button, and sit back, as the other three decks are slowly revealed. Hit four deuces and you could be walking away with a huge payout, well worth your trouble!

With gameplay starting from anywhere between 0.20 to 200 credits per hand, the game will play out across four decks and four pay lines. Once you’ve set your bet size, you can then decide how much you want to place on each pay line. Now that you’ve made these all-important decisions, all you need to do is press the Deal button, and wait for the first deck of cards to be dealt. Next, you choose which cards that you wish to hold, and so on. The best part about playing this game, over the standard online Poker variants, is that if you end up with a good hand from the first deck, then it will be transferred over to the rest of the decks as you proceed in the game!

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