Sauté-ing Your Kitchen Out: It’s Time To Organise!..


It’s typical, right?

You get home after a long day of work, you’re planning to cook a nice meal so you can sit down and enjoy something for the first time today – but you can’t find where you’ve but the carbon steel skillet and everyone knows you need that. Don’t they?

If you’re not organising your kitchen, you’re not going to get the most out of it. Infact, if you don’t organise anything, you’re not going to get the most out of much. The kitchen is of crucial importance to a household, it’s where the food is made! It’s the beating heart of a home, but far too often it’s neglected. That might not be any fault of your own.

If your home is outfitted with a stubby and small kitchen and cooking is your passion, why are you settling for that? Slamming your elbow off the microwave because there’s no room to beat eggs isn’t fun, so why not try and expand? Home improvement might be on your mind this year, so start with the kitchen!

Expanding your kitchen doesn’t have to be a headache. Many kitchens are located next to a dining room of sorts, so just knock the wall through. We all know we don’t need that much space to eat, but we need lots of room to cook. Maybe the display of Aunt Mavis’ fine china can find a new home in your house? Optimising the space, you have to cook is going to make you enjoy your kitchen a lot more. It’s not just about simply kicking the wall down, though, the furniture in your kitchen needs to be decent, so you can actually use it. Outfit and redevelop your kitchen with someone like Olivers Kitchens so that you can get the most out of your new, bigger kitchen.

Now, it’s time to organise. Good sets of kitchen furniture will make it clear where things actually go. Obviously, pots and pans go together, plastic containers can be filed and stacked, cookbooks go nowhere near the sink or oven, and you should invest in a drawer organiser for storing knives, forks, and spoons. It might be a good idea to store cutlery in mugs, meaning they are easy to access at all times and this could save you some space!

Store your kitchenware by use. If it’s used a lot, make sure it’s at the front of the cupboard – this is key. Make sure the lids of pots are stored either on-top of the correct pot, or nearby. If you still lack the space for cookware like pots and pans, consider an overhead hanger. This makes them easy to access.

Categorise your food – make sure all the herbs and spices are together and all the oils separate, there is no worse feeling than slapping your hands around the cupboard looking for the parsley while you knock a jug of olive oil to the floor because the whole thing isn’t sorted out.

All done. This doesn’t have to be a hard job and at the end of it, you might actually enjoy cooking again.

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