5 Tips on how to throw a great party without a professional planner!

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Throwing a party can be extremely stressful. You’re worrying about the guest list, what food and drinks to serve, the playlist and dress code. A professional planner might sound like the best solution, but they come at a high price if you want a top-quality event.

Today you have all the resources to simplify the process of organizing a party and guaranteeing it’ll be a smash!

By just following a few simple steps you’ll be organizing the event of the year.

Party Theme

Consider throwing a theme party. Your guests will be excited to show off their unique style through the outfits they wear to match your party’s theme. Decorate the venue where the party will take place to create the right atmosphere for your theme.

If you love Disney-type films and animation you could throw a Cinderella party, a Narnia bash or even an Alice In Wonderland based event. Once you’ve figured out the theme for your party check various online e-commerce sites and pick out what you need for the scenery. You could also rent furniture or decorations for the day.

Serve Delicious Food

Food is the heart and soul of any party. Choose recipes which will reflect the theme of your party and you’re on your way to success. Make sure the food not only looks good but also tastes amazing. Delicious food has the wonderful effect of stimulating your brain to release oxytocin and endorphins into the body’s bloodstream. They’re our “happy pills”. So, if the food you serve at your party is great, your guests will be incredibly happy.

Serve different courses throughout the party’s duration. Start with amuse-bouche servings, take things up a notch with some salted crisps, biscuits and light salads, then slowly bring out the main courses. Desserts are always welcome at the end.

Don’t Forget About The Drinks

So, you’ve decided on the theme, the delicious food but what about the drinks? Use beautiful mobile bars for serving fizz, cocktails, beer & more. Also, serve non-alcoholic drinks like natural juices, energy drinks, sparkly water. Some ice-tea or coffee could come in handy. If you’re throwing a night-time party a shot of espresso will help your guests rev up their energy levels.

Have A Good Playlist

Great music is what a party is all about. Look through YouTube trending playlists, Google the top charts and consider the theme of your party. Pick a wide selection of songs and download them onto your laptop or computer. You can buy special song-mixing software if you’re thinking of being the DJ.

Dance Floor

Who needs music if you don’t have where to dance. Depending on the layout of your venue calculate the right size for a dance floor area.

You can arrange tables and chairs in a circular manner so that the space left inside the circle is where your guests can dance. Consider buying or renting special flooring for the dancing zone.

You’ll protect your guests from slipping and injuring themselves. Specialized flooring providers also offer installation services for their systems. You can’t go wrong with the experts.

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