Does Your Roof Need Repairing? Find Out Now


A roof is one of the largest parts of a property. But despite this, many homeowners fail to inspect it regularly. As the majority of it is out of sight, it’s easy to overlook its maintenance. However, as your roof is exposed to the elements, it can sustain damage. These can range from minor leaks to structural issues, which can make your home unliveable. So rather than waiting for these issues to become more severe over time, act now. Roof repairs can be expensive, but inspecting your roof’s condition frequently can limit the cost and size of the repair. So grab your ladder and start looking for these common roofing problems.

Mold on your roof

While mold is a common interior issue, it can also form on your home’s exterior too. Your roof, in particular, is susceptible to developing mold due to its exposure to rain and damp. If this mold is allowed to build up over weeks and months, your roof tiles will begin to separate. Water can then easily enter the gaps between the tiles and enter your home. This can cause mold within your home as well as leaks. A build-up of moss and algae can also have the same effect. So when you check your roof, look out for mold and moss growth. There are chemicals that can be applied to kill moss and algae, but mold can be a more complicated issue to resolve. If you do find any, contact a repair company that specializes in roof mold removal.

Missing roof tiles

If your roof has loose and missing tiles, a repair or even replacement might be necessary. Without correctly fixed tiles, your property isn’t getting the protection it requires. It’s common in older houses but can also be caused by inadequate tile fixings. Unfortunately, this can lead to leaks when it rains and higher household bills due to increased heat loss. Falling tiles can also cause damage to your property and increase the risk of your family being injured. So while many homeowners aren’t concerned by missing roof tiles, they really need to be. To get this issue resolved as soon as possible, contact a roof repair company such as Semper Solaris. They can assess your roof and replace your missing tiles before your roof becomes more vulnerable.

Sagging roof line

The line of your roof should be straight all the way across. But if it looks dipped, curved or saggy, this should be a cause for concern. Sagging roof lines can be caused by a number of different things, ranging from major to minor. The beams and joists in your roof might not be secured sufficiently, or your sheathing might have become rotten. If this is left to continue, your home may be unsafe to live in as well as looking unattractive. So if you do discover signs of a sagging roofline, don’t wait for it to collapse before doing anything. Get in touch with a professional immediately to get it rectified.

As well as giving you immense peace of mind, repairing your roof can also reduce your household bills and increase your curb appeal. So while it might be expensive, it’s an investment worth making.

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