Light, Bright and Airy: Maximising The Light In Your Home


No matter how beautifully decorated your home is, without the right light levels it can look dingy and feel unwelcoming. We’re not all blessed with stunning, enormous south-facing windows in our home- but that doesn’t mean to say we can’t make the most of the light we do have coming in. Here are just a few of the ways you can make your home appear as light, bright and airy as possible.

Paint The Wall

The colour of the walls in your property really does make such a difference. Lighter colours will, of course, make the space feel much bigger and bounce the light around the room more effectively. White will do this best although other very light neutrals can also be used if you feel this is a little stark. If you want to warm up the look of the room a bit and bring in colour, do this with accessories like curtains, cushions, and rugs rather than with colour on the walls.

Use Large Mirrors

Again another way to get the light bouncing around the room is with the use of mirrors. In small rooms like the bathroom, this is particularly effective, replace your current tiny bathroom mirror with a large statement piece. Try to position mirrors, so they’re opposite windows for the best effect, but if this doesn’t look right placing them anywhere in the room will still help.

Replace The Windows and Doors

If you are in a position to make any renovations to your home, having larger windows installed will make the world of difference. Even just replacing the glass in some cases can help, especially if you have older double glazing where the seals have failed. In this case, moisture can accumulate between the panes making them look like they’re permanently wet and dirty, and after a while can even block out light. Doors are another way you can bring in some additional light. Choosing models with a larger window can flood once dim areas with natural light making them look so much better. A company like Buckinghamshire windows and doors will have a wide range to choose from.

Use The Right Window Treatments

The problem might not be the position or size of your windows but rather what you have up at them. Blinds or shutters can be useful for controlling the light levels, but even when they’re fully open some models can block out a lot of light. Instead, you could opt for sheer voile panels in combination with a blackout roller blind. The panels look light and airy and don’t block the light, but when you do need to darken the room you can pull the roller blind down. The good thing about this is in the daytime it can be rolled right the way up to the top of the window so that you can hardly see it and it doesn’t block the light.

Do you have any tips for maximising the light in a room?

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