Costas Polycarpou: The Genius Behind Polyteck

Costas Polycarpou is a private investor and a property developer who has succeeded in starting several companies and helping them scale. As a private investor, he invests his own money into startups he believes can make an impact in the world in some way. That said, this investment isn’t emotionally inspired rather, it is made with the aim of helping the company succeed so as to get a return on his investment.

Having a background in engineering and building services, Costas has been able to succeed as a property developer. He along with his father has helped developed many properties both in London and internationally. One of such properties is the Polyteck House in Cyprus, a mixed residential and commercial development where the Polyteck Building Services headquarters is located. Click here to learn more about private investors.

Early Career

Mr. Polycarpou has worked on several projects successfully as a consultant and lead engineer for top financial institutions and blue-chip companies. Since he left Long and Partners, he has run many small businesses offering property services and engineering solutions where he offers his clients the best advice for their property development projects.

Costas went on to become a director at Greg and Co Ltd, a multidisciplinary property maintenance company in London. While at Greg and Co, Costas Polycarpou grew the building services division of the company from £400,000 to £1 million in a year.

It was after leaving Greg and Co Ltd that he founded his own business, Polyteck Building Services. Polyteck offers facilities management solutions and all industry-standard building services. Since the establishment of the company, it has gained international recognition acting as the developer on several projects internationally and across London.

Polyteck Under Costas Polycarpous’s Leadership

Since 2005 when Polyteck was founded, Costas Polycarpou has grown the company to become a successful multi-million-pound company. Through steady organic growth and a series of acquisitions, Mr. Polycarpou’s group of companies now record up to £30 million in excess revenue.

Polyteck specializes in building construction, security, and maintenance, offering a wide range of related services across the private and public sectors. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone since the business is now one of the leading building construction and facilities management companies in London and in the UK.

Having achieved global success, it is no shock that the company has been put in charge of the maintenance of some of the most iconic buildings in the world including the Royal Exchange, London and The Princess Tower, which is the tallest residential-only skyscraper located in the Marina District of Dubai. Visit,_London to learn more about the Royal Exchange in London.

The Polyteck Group along with its international divisions consists of a fire safety company, an energy services company, and a water treatment and drainage company.

Costas’s Passion

Mr. Polycarpous isn’t just a businessman looking to make a profit from his many businesses and investments; rather he is a person who looks forward to adding value anywhere he finds himself. As a result, he only seeks to acquire companies that he can add value.

His passion for his job and line of work makes him always open to hearing from property/facilities, compliance and engineering, maintenance, management, and building services business owners who are looking to exit the business or partner with him to scale. Through his company, Costas Polycarpou has been able to transform struggling businesses by implementing systems that have proven to work.

Costas is also interested in property development and his success in the space tells us that he is not only interested but also skilled at it. Over the course of five years, Mr. Polycarpous has developed properties with gross development values (GDV’s) of up to £100 million. He has also embarked on several acquisitions and joint venture proposals.

Having spent years in the engineering trade, Costas certainly brings a unique perspective to problems, offering innovative solutions. From the scratch, with help from his father, he has been able to build his company into a globally recognized business with a large and impressive client base.


His company is now capable of delivering all the services needed for building construction making it a one-stop shop for all building service needs. One can say that his success is deserved seeing as he is constantly seeking ways to develop professionally and personally. Costas Polycarpou is certainly someone budding engineers and property developers can look up to for inspiration.

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