Cabin Fever! Decorating Your Home To Appear Rustic


They can conjure up feelings of summers long ago, the cosy winters by the fire, and the times spent at old relatives long gone. The feeling of a rustic cabin, or country house is one that is wanted by many home buyers as a sign of comfort, but also cost. As these types of places are now a sign of wealth. So is there are a way of creating that vibe in your own home? Without giving the place a major overhaul or by moving to Vermont, there can be a difficulty in giving your home that proper old-fashioned feel. But there are things you can do to help push your home in that direction and get guests talking about your great taste.

Cosy Up

A way to give your home a more rustic element is to put stone pillars in the corner of a room. It adds a cosy angle while also maintaining the feel of cabins and is a cheaper addition than paying for a wooden ceiling to be installed.

Rustic In Look Is Rustic In Feel

Places like log cabins can conjure up feelings of the past, and if you are looking for a rural style, you cannot underestimate the quality of having items that are mismatched. The purists among you may think that is absolutely off the wall, but when I spent time as a child in cabins, the thing that caught my eye was that nothing ever matched and it was clear that everything had been there for some time and was worn in. Going to thrift stores for items that are cheap but tasteful is a perfect approach to saving the pennies while giving a vintage yet classical feel to your home.

Fire Up The Fire!

It’s the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a log cabin or a rustic home. The fireplace is the focal point and so much is reliant on the fireplace to add style, substance and to stop your hands from seizing up with cold. If you are looking to give your home a rustic styled fireplace, you can go for the “dry-stacked” look by recessing the grout, and by raising the hearth, this creates a place to store kiln dried logs or firewood. And if you really wanted to create the atmosphere of a cosy cabin, set up a mattress on the floor in front of the fire and relax with a drink.

Be Creative With Your Materials

After a fireplace, wood floors are the essential component of a cabin. Wooden floors are much easier on the feet than stepping on cold tiles. When you add other materials, going for the mismatched aesthetic again will give it that vintage charm. You don’t need to change the cabinets over, just by adding mismatched door knobs or pulls will do the job.

Colour The Cabin With Softness

Softer colours that are balanced with the harder materials of a cabin look a lot more on the sweeter side. Using a colour like light blue against the darker browns of a wooden floor ramps up the vintage points.

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