Bare Necessities: Must-Have Tech for 2017 and Why It Matters


Let’s face it, not all of us have bought into tech. Some of us are still using old flip phones or battle-hardened Nokia bricks that have been through hell and back. There are some of us that are still using fat computer monitors and processors that date back over a decade, and keyboards that have gathered more germs and dust than a prison toilet seat. While many people are fine and see no reason to change their tech, 2017 will mark a year of new advances that we briefly saw in 2016.

With the major explosion that social media has seen the past couple of years, the added wonders of virtual and augmented reality and even the availability of self-driving cars that will be affordable in 2017 – there’s never been a better time to get involved with modern tech.

But Why Upgrade, My Gear Works Fine!

You might be curious why you should upgrade if your gear is still working several years. While it’s true that new devices tend to break more often, that’s usually because they are mishandled and not taken care of. Rowdy teenagers like to carry their phones with them wherever they go, and when they’re drunk or running around it’s common for those phones to drop out of their pockets or bags and smash against hard surfaces.

In addition, it’s also likely for them to install lots of useless applications that clog up their devices and slow them down due to a lack of online protection. With smart usage, these devices will open up more communication and productivity options that your old gear just won’t be able to match. It’s also difficult to repair legacy equipment because very few people carry replacement components for old devices, so if it breaks you’re going to be out of luck unless you know a reputable repairman.


Thanks to pay weekly phones, there’s no excuse not to upgrade your communications device. Browse millions of web pages, keep in touch with friends and family more easily and improve your productivity on the go. New phones have high-resolution screens that will enable you to watch videos, take beautiful photos and draw up pictures and notes with ease, making it one of the ultimate devices that you need for 2017 whether you work from home, at an office or at a construction site.

Laptops or Computers

Laptops and computers have gained an incredible amount of power recently. Computers, regardless of how much you’ve used it or how little you put on your hard drive, all eventually wear out and their parts become redundant. If you’re still using a slow computer, then upgrading to something like a solid state hard drive will make your current technology seem like a snail compared to the lightning fast speeds of an SSD.

Get rid of chunky computer monitors in favour of cheap and beautiful flat-panel screens, replace those clunky old keyboards with something fresh and new, or perhaps even invest in wireless input devices so you can use your computer from a distance without wires cluttering the desk. There are endless amounts of opportunities for you to improve your productivity and getting new components is cheaper than repairing outdated hardware.

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