Make Your Shower Experience More Blissful Than Ever!


Okay, so showers shouldn’t exactly be this utopic event that you want to make last forever. Showers are there to get you clean, not to make you feel blissful. You should be in and out as quickly as you can. But let’s face it: if your shower experience is lacking, then it can often be a pretty disappointing or even irritating start to your day. In fact, if you don’t take measures to improve things, you may find that that’s why you end up spending too long in the shower!

So here’s a quick guide to enhancing your shower experience. It will certainly help make your mornings a bit more pleasant!

Clean it

Seriously, clean it. And I mean regularly. Clean the glass of your shower at least a couple of times a week, because water stains on those things can become incredibly difficult to remove after just a couple of months. A quick wipe can do the trick. The shower itself doesn’t quite need to be cleaned twice a week, but this doesn’t mean you should shrug the task off.

I point out the need to clean because so many people simply ignore it. You should be giving your shower a deep and thorough clean at least once a month. If you’re designing or renovating a bathroom, you can take steps to make your shower more hygienic and easier to clean. A waterproof panelling system, for example, makes cleaning the walls much, much easier. Read more about them at the Showerwall blog.

Improve the water pressure

What could be more annoying than water pressure problems in the shower? Something to remember here is that, in the U.S., shower heads are actually regulated by the government. They’re designed to restrict water flow in order to save energy. This is pretty smart – but it also means that most shower heads on the market actually deliver a pretty weak flow.

If the water pressure problem is simply with your shower head, then you can look into buying another. But you can actually remove the flow regulator from the shower head – and the product often comes with instructions on how to do this. (And yes, it is legal, don’t worry.) But if the problem is with the system in your home, then you’re probably going to want to speak to a professional about improving the water pressure.

Deal with excessive moisture problems

This might sound like a weird thing to put in a blog post meant to improve your shower experience. Isn’t an abundance of moisture, y’know, the point of a shower? Well, superfluous moisture can cause several problems. It makes the room slippier afterwards, that’s for sure. But that vapor can get into your walls and towels and start to create bacterial problems.

So make sure the extractor fan is working effectively – and clean it regularly! Those things can get clogged with dusty quite easily. You should also look into more hygienic wall options if you’re doing some renovations – the aforementioned waterproof panelling system is easier to clear excessive moisture from.

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