When Eco-friendly Meets Economical Decision Making


For a long time, the cheapest decisions were often the most damaging to the environment. But now, there is a shift in the winds and it is becoming clear that actually, the more eco-friendly solutions might also be the best value.

Finding the things that are better for the planet as well as better for your wallet is a great motivator. And, when you have that little bit extra to spend, life gets a bit comfier too.

Getting in Hot Water

Hot water is probably quite a large proportion of your monthly bills. If you have a large tank to heat, it will take quite a lot of energy to get to the right temperature and then you really do need excellent insulation to keep that heat in. Since we use hot water for pretty much everything in the house from washing dishes to washing ourselves, getting this cost down will make a big difference to your outgoings.

If you read up on electric tankless water heater reviews, it’s clear that heating these big tanks isn’t a very economical decision any more. In fact, a tankless heater could be better because it only heats the water you need and uses far less energy. This isn’t just good for your wallet, like all energy efficient items, it is also good for the planet as it will require less fuel to run.

Batch Cooking and Preservation

Some might say that there is nothing better than spending a day in the kitchen making pies and stews to put aside for winter. But this mindset can really help your budget for the whole year. You don’t have to move to the country and have a small holding to be enticed into living seasonally, it’s all about make the most of what you can get hold of.

Seasonal fruits are particularly good as there are so many things you can do with them and plenty of places you can forage too. Crumbles, jams, pies, jellies, chutneys – there are all sorts of things that you can do.

Walking/ Cycling to Work

The ultimate in free travel has got to be walking, with cycling a close second, costing only the value of the bike. If you live close enough to work to walk or cycle, then this free method will save you plenty in fuel as well as guilt about polluting the environment!

Cycling isn’t just good for getting you going in the morning, it also has some great health benefits and has been linked to a reduced risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease compared to someone who uses transport. Exercise like this is a great way to improve your health without adding anything extra to your daily routine and it doesn’t cost a penny to do it either.

When going green is actually cheaper than the alternative, you really do have to pause and think about what is the best action to take. And it seems that increasingly, we are giving our environment a better chance with our economical decision making!

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