Professor Puzzle Bamboozler Puzzles Review


Will the Bamboozler leave you bamboozled?

I was recently sent a twin pack of Bamboozler puzzles from Aldi which contain 2 wooden puzzles made from bamboo. In the box The Teaser and The Cage.

On the back of the box it says the aim is to “separate the pieces that make up the two puzzles. Can you rebuild The Teaser and The Cage”. Easy enough, or so I thought! I couldn’t even separate the puzzles to even begin rebuilding! After 5 minutes of pulling and twisting I finally got The Cage apart, now all I had to do was rebuild it (pity I didn’t take more notice of how in came apart).


The Cage is made up of 12 bamboo bars and a ball that gets “caged” in the centre. So the idea is to build the cage around the ball. It took 5 minutes to figure out how it came apart and a frustrating hour to get it back together after several attempts.


The Teaser is made up of 24 bamboo bars and as of writing this I still haven’t figured out how this comes apart, never mind put it back together. This one looks a lot more complicated that The Cage and will try that one when my brain recovers from the first one.

Overall, these are good quality puzzles made of bamboo. While I found it frustrating and at times annoying it was addictive and I wouldn’t let it beat me. There is a solution sheet provided should you want to cheat, but why buy a puzzle if you are not going to work out how to do it? I didn’t use the instructions and having a quick look after finishing The Cage it didn’t seem that straightforward so not sure if it would have helped me anyway (pieces marked A & B on sheet but not on the wooden pieces).

These would make a great gift for anyone that loves solving puzzles and loves to use their brain. So while it can be frustrating it has great entertainment value so good value for money.

Will the Bamboozler bamboozle you?

Rating: 5/5

Available to buy from Aldi stores nationwide while stocks last. For your nearest Aldi store visit

For more information on Professor Puzzle puzzles visit

5StarDisclosure: I received these puzzles for free for the purposes of writing the review for What’s Good To Do. My review is honest and impartial.
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