Get More Out Of Your Garage In 3 Simple Steps


Garages make great additions to every home but are criminally underused. If you use your garage to store your cars then that’s great, at least you’re getting something out of it. However, there are loads of people that don’t use their garage for anything, and it ends up being a waste of space. So, this article is for everyone out there that wants to get more out of their garage. Follow these three steps to find out more:

Maximise Space

You’ll be surprised at how big even the smallest of garages can be. There are many of you that probably think your garage is tiny and there’s no way you can do anything with it. But, I bet the reason for this is because it’s already full of stuff. A garage is a place where loads of things just get put over time. You leave them there because you don’t have space inside the house and it’s just an easy solution to de-clutter your home. However, all you end up doing is cluttering your garage and not getting the most out of this space. So, chuck everything out that’s not important and maximise the space you have. You should end up with a fairly empty garage that’s ready to become incredible.

Make It Inhabitable

The problem with a lot of garages is that they’re not really designed to be inhabited by humans. Their purpose is mainly to store cars in, meaning there are few home comforts that reside there. So, if you want to turn your garage into a room where you can relax or get some work done, then you need to ensure it’s comfortable. One thing you can do is get a new floor surface laid down as garages usually just have stone floors that aren’t comfortable under foot. Another thing that’s an absolute must is that you heat up your garage. If you try and spend time in your garage during winter, then you’ll probably freeze. All you need is something like a small kerosene heater that’s designed to be used in outdoor buildings. You can find these in many shops, and there are places like Tonbridge Fuels that supply kerosene for you to re-fill the heater when it runs out. With just a few little changes, you can make your garage inhabitable and comfortable.

Decide On A Purpose

Now that you’ve maximised space and made the garage inhabitable, it’s time to think of its purpose. What will your new and improved garage be used for? There are so many cool options for you to choose from here. In truth, the purpose is entirely down to you. If you want a few suggestions then what about making it a mini workshop if you’re into DIY? Alternatively, it makes the perfect setting for a home office if you work from home. Or, it could simply become a second lounge or games area with pool table, TV –  just a place you can chill. Decide on a purpose, and then you’re ready to start putting things in your garage and using it once again.

If you make your garage into something that serves a practical purpose, then you get more out of your home in general. Plus, you’re adding serious value to your property too.

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