Entertaining Your Pets: How To Play With Your Animals (Even Your Fish!)


When you get a pet, you’re essentially entering into a contract with them that you promise to be a good owner. You’re planning to provide them with an environment in which they’ll thrive and you’ll give them enough love, care and attention to ensure that they’re safe and happy. There are lots of ways you can do that, but the main way is by giving your time to your pets. Here are some tips on how to make their lives even better by playing with them…


If you get a dog, chances are that you’re already aware that they require plenty of company and friendship, and that you’ll have to dedicate a lot of your time towards making sure that your dog is safe, happy and entertained. If you enjoy hiking, you could get a larger dog so that you can take trips on the weekends together. During the winter, make sure that you invest in doggy boots to protect the sensitive pads on the bottom of your pup’s feet. At home, you can purchase an array of dog toys, although a lot of dogs are extremely satisfied with playing catch for as long as you’re willing to. A lot of dogs love to learn, and even more than that, they love to please their owners – so you could start to teach your dog tricks, like how to beg and how to roll over.


People often think that fish are stupid, with extremely short memories, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Research has shown that fish make allies with each other while they’re hunting in the wild, and a study has shown that fish that have lived with different toys in their tanks are more adept at mental puzzles like finding the best way out of somewhere. That means that you should fill your fish tank with toys, like rocks, pebbles, plastic plants and anything else that you might find in a fish store. Although the objects may look somewhat pointless and only for decorative purposes, they’ll definitely help your pet’s cognitive ability in the long run. Check out the Aquatics To Your Door website to find out more about fish toys.


As a rule, cats are good at amusing themselves. They spend a lot of the day sleeping, and generally are happy to be solitary animals. But there are definitely things that a good cat owner can do to keep their favourite feline friend entertained. You could get a laser pointer or torch for your cat to chase – not only will they enjoy it, but it’ll probably be pretty amusing for you too! You could also get some pieces of cat furniture, which tend to consist of platforms on different levels connected together by tubes and tunnels, with plenty of nooks and crannies where the cat can sleep, and hopefully a scratching post on the side. This will also keep your home and furniture safe! You can also buy your cat toys, like feathers on the end of sticks, or perhaps puzzle toys with slots that give out treats whenever your cat manages to get it to.

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