Home Education: Improving Your Child’s Learning Outside The Classroom


Investing time and effort into teaching your children outside of the classroom pays dividends. While the modern, working parent can often struggle to find the time, there are some simple things you can do for your kids at home that will help them become better learners, problem solvers, and achieve academic success. Let’s take a closer look at the type of things every parent should be doing for their children to support their education outside the classroom.

Regular library trips

Libraries are incredible places when you think about it. You walk into one and can choose from thousands of books on any number of subjects – for free. By taking your children to the library, you will be opening up a new world for them, where information is at their fingertips and a simple book can give hours of pleasure. Worried about going to the library? Don’t be. The assistants that work there know what they are talking about, and will help you find the perfect book for your child’s current needs.

The great outdoors

Get your kids outside as much as possible. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a walk through town or a stomp in the countryside, there are learning opportunities at every turn. You can teach your child about the history of your city, or the culture of those that live there. You can introduce them to geography, biology, and ecosystems while out in the countryside. And, you will help them get into the habit of taking regular exercise. In short, the more your kids will learn about the world, improve their behaviour, and lead a healthier life.


Don’t underestimate the role technology will play in education and the future lives of your kids. However, try to go a little deeper than offer them the chance to play games all day – introduce more educational titles. You can also teach them the basics of coding, programming, and computers. According to The Pi Hut, cheap, DIY technology such as Raspberry Pi can be a great way to introduce your kids to computers.


The more time you spend talking with your children, the more comfortable they will be talking to others. It’s that simple – and something every parent should bear in mind. You should also start helping your child feel comfortable communicating with other kids – and adults. The wider family and social circle you have, the better.

Everyday activities

The daily things we all do – and sometimes hate – are all still wondrous activities for your kids. They love to help mum or dad when cooking, cleaning, or tidying up and there are several opportunities for using these settings for other educational means, too. For example, you can get the kids to count the number of objects they are putting way while tidying. Cooking can help them learn about nutrition. And even going to a local sports event will give you the opportunity to talk about subjects like teamwork and working hard to get a result.

As you can see, it’s not too difficult to find the time for education and extracurricular learning. As a parent, you can turn almost any experience into an educational event – do you have any more ideas?

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