Extend Your Home Without Extending The Cost


There can be lots of different reasons why homeowners decide to extend their home. For instance, they may be expecting a baby and want some more space for their growing family. Or, they could be planning on selling up and want to try and add some value to their property. However, even though lots of people decide that adding an extension is the best thing for them to do in their situation, very few are actually going ahead with it these days. And that is because the price can be very high indeed. So, how do you bring down the costs that come with extending home? Hopefully, all of the following tips will help you do just that.

Keep The Design Simple

One of the main reasons why extensions cost a lot is because the homeowners always opt for a very elaborate design. Even if the actual architecture of the extension is quite modest, they might go over the top with decorating it, which can add on the pound signs to the final bill! If you keep your design simple, for example, a standard rectangular footprint with a pitched roof, you will find that architectural and builder’s invoices aren’t sky high as it makes their job a whole lot easier!

Get Financial Help

If you are able to score some financial help from places like moneyboat.co.uk, you will find that you don’t struggle so much when trying to drum up the cash for your extension project. In fact, you might even be able to get your hands on a grant for housing renovations. When you get money through a grant, it is yours to keep, and you won’t be expected to pay it back. There are lots of grants available for home adaptations that are aimed at people with disabilities, so if this is your reason for extending your home be sure to do your homework to apply for any money that you are entitled to.

Do A DIY Extension

When it comes to any building and construction project, one of the highest costs you will face is for labour. And there is one easy way to cut this cost completely – simply do all the work yourself! This will be very easy if you are a qualified builder or have some experience of labouring already. If not, you may need to do plenty of research before you begin. It could be an idea to get any of your builder friends around to help.

Negotiate Deals With Suppliers

Whether you get builders to do the job for you or try and do it yourself, you will still need to come into contact with suppliers for all your equipment and materials. It is important that you shop around to try and get the best deal possible for all your items and equipment. So be sure to call up a few different companies, such as ehsmith.co.uk, for their quotes. That way, you can find out which local supplier can get you everything you need for the best price!

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