Technology: A Guide To What Your Small Business Needs

Small Business Needs

In this day and age most businesses are aided, if not powered, by some impressive technology. Streamlining organisations and boosting efficiency, modern tech has a whole range of applications. If you own or run a small business the amount of tech out there can be overwhelming. Each promises to outdo the last and expand your business exponentially. You don’t have the time to try them all, so this guide brings you the lowdown on what your business needs…

Something to Keep in Mind Before Investing in New Tech

If you’re running a small business you probably have a strict budget. Tech upgrades can be pricey, so make sure you have the capital needed to make a purchase. Of course, updated tech should increase your company’s productivity, but you may not feel the benefits straight away. Consider what your company can afford before making any big purchases. Also keep in mind that the more expensive the tech is, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s more advantageous.


If you have a smaller business the likelihood is you’ll be dealing with paperwork. Be it orders or invoices, your small company will need a printer, scanner, and copier. Cut costs by combining these essentials into one machine. There are affordable multifunction machines out there which deliver in terms of performance but also come in on budget. These all-in-one options will not only maximise efficiency, but also give you some more space, which could be at a premium in a small office.

External Hard Drive’s

A backup hard drive is an essential for any small business. Storage can become an issue when using a limited amount of laptops or computers. Invest in an external hard drive which takes the pressure off. Easy to use and incredibly versatile, a hard drive will save you space and money. There are lots of hard drives out there, chose the one that best fits your business. Consider how much storage you need, and what your budget is, before buying.

Update Old Computers

Desktop computers are a great addition to an office. For a small business that needs versatility however, they may not be the best option. Tablet computers are a smaller sleeker design to desktop computers or laptops. These flexible devices will offer a small business scope to expand by offering more storage and speed. These innovative additions will make businesses run smoother, even outside of the office, or outside of business hours.

Invest in Some Specialist Tech

If your budget permits, invest in some tech which is specialist to the business you are in. For instance, if your business is responsible for accounts and auditing, there are software upgrades that will make your business more efficient. Systems which manage accounts in a simple and clear way allow businesses to achieve their potentials. Similarly systems like Adobe Premiere Pro are specialised in the field of editing. There are many benefits of learning adobe premiere pro, and if your business needs to edit footage it’s a great tool to master. There are even programmes which help your business to develop apps. By investing in specialist tech you are able to compete with other businesses in your sector.

Customer Service Tools

If your small business provides a service for customers it’s important to be able to respond to queries or complaints quickly. In the world of business your reputation precedes you, and having a good one amongst customers is vital. It could be what sets you apart from your competitors. Having a real-time service that allows you to interact with customers cuts costs. A call centre is the more expensive, less efficient, and less personable alternative to live chats. Live chat enables you to quickly deal with customer queries, and report and track any ongoing issues.

Social Media

Use your existing technology to increase your outreach. Social media is inescapable in the modern world. It can be a very useful tool for connecting with your customers or clients. Increase traffic to websites and promote your business via social media. Building a strong social media presence is essential. Once you’ve accomplished this you can promote your services, offers, engage with customers and clients, and receive feedback.

Stay Connected

The internet is essential for any small business. If you’re expanding your office, or have lots of devices connected to one WiFi source, consider a signal booster. This piece of tech is cheap and often overlooked, but the implications are huge. By keeping everyone online, and increasing the WiFi signal, productivity can be increased. Not to mention it’ll be less frustrating for staff!

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