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Over the years, I have tried numerous speaker systems from Edifier and they have all been great. Edifier always have a good build quality and excellent. When I was asked to try out the Edifier S1000DB 2.0 Bookshelf Speakers I, of course, said yes. After using them for a week they have become my favourite from the ones I have tried previously.

When the speakers where delivered, I knew they were going to quality before even opening the box, partly because of previous speakers from the Edifier range that I have tried and partly due to the weight of the box, around 18kg!

On opening the box, I found two speakers (1x active, 1x passive), 1x XLR connector cable, 1x 3.5 mm to RCA, 1x RCA cable, 1x optical cable, 1x wireless remote and 1x user manual.

The S1000DB multimedia bookshelf speakers are a pair of 120w active 2.0 speakers. They are aesthetically pleasing to look at with their wooden side panels and black matte finish with removable grills. They measure approx. 34x20x28cm rubber feet on the base to stop slippage. They have an advanced titanium dome tweeter, rear bass reflex port and a variety of options to connect to your audio devices; optical, coaxial, PC and AUX inputs and 4.0 Bluetooth aptX technology. The have a total power output of 120w (RMS 25W×2 (Treble) +35W×2 (Mid-range and bass)).

Setting up these speakers was very straightforward. They are supplied with a 3 metre XLR connector cable to connect the 2 speakers together. As the cable length is quite reasonable the speakers have plenty of scope to be positioned were I needed them. On the rear of the active speaker, there are inputs for Aux, PC, Optical and Cox as well as dials for volume, treble, bass and on/off switch.

Once I had set them up and positioned them where I wanted them (either side of my monitor), I was ready to see how good they are (and they sound as good as they look). As I don’t like cables everywhere I decided to use the Bluetooth function first.

The Bluetooth option to connect wirelessly to the speakers is extremely easy. All you have to do is turn on Bluetooth on your device (tablet, phone or other Bluetooth enabled device) and scan for devices, selecting the S1000DB device. The device is then paired to the speakers. Extremely easy, no technical knowledge needed. The range of the Bluetooth is around 10 metres so these speakers have a very good range, you don’t need to have the streaming device in the same room (I still got a signal even when using my tablet upstairs at the front of the house while the speakers where downstairs in the rear of the house).

So now that I was connected to the speakers, what did they sound like? The S1000DB speakers use aptX codec which reduces the bit rate without affecting the quality of audio or creating latency issues, to deliver CD quality sound. Now when reading that it reduces the bitrate I expected the quality to be reduced but the sound was crisp and clear on all genres of music I tried, so I was very impressed with the quality. Adjusting the bass and treble didn’t cause any distortion (even at high volume) and delivered a rich sound with plenty of bass. With a 120 watt RMS output the sound is more than enough for home use of listening to music, watching video or playing games.

As the speakers also have other sources to connect I also tried connecting with the RCA cables and optical cable supplied. Both RCA cables produced the same great sound and the optical cable produced a richer sound (if you can use a device with an optical connection then I recommend this).

Overall, these are a quality, attractive and stylish set of bookshelf speakers. Not only do they look great and have an excellent build quality but they have a high-quality sound. I played a variety of different audio formats and as well as streaming movies and the sound was equally great on both. As for the Bluetooth connection, it never once lost signal or got interrupted. Selecting what inputs you want to use is also very easy, you can use the remote control or press the volume button on the back of the speaker to cycle through the inputs (indicated by the led on the front of the speaker).

These are definitely my favourite of the Edifier speakers I have tried so far, there is nothing that I can fault them for. The S1000DB are a solid pair of bookshelf speakers that are easy to connect and use, with excellent aesthetics that will suit any room and most of all produce a perfect, high-quality sound (at least to my ear!).

With a RRP of £299.99 they are not the cheapest speakers on the market, but by no means the dearest, that said, with the quality of the build and crisp sound they are definitely worth the money and you won’t be disappointed.

Power output :RMS 25W×2(Treble) +35W×2(Mid-range and bass) = 120W)
Signal to noise ratio :≥ 85dBA
Frequency response :48Hz~20KHz (±4dB)
Input sensitivity : PC: 900 ± 50mV | AUX: 700 ± 50mV
OPT, COX: 350 mFFs ± 50 mFFs
Input type :PC/Auxiliary/Optical/Coaxial/Bluetooth
Mid-range and bass driver :5.5 inch
Treble driver : 1 inch

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £299.99

For more information or to buy visit www.edifier.com.

Disclosure: I was sent a review sample for the purposes of writing an honest and impartial review. All opinions are my own.
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