DIY Decorating Tips To Help Battle The Autumn Blues


We’ve had the eight days of uninterrupted sunshine, that was the Great British Summer but now the Autumn season is well and truly here, bringing a parade of clouds, drizzle and sniffling noses with it. Aside from catching colds and being damper and chillier than we’d like, the autumn brings with it a far more insidious menace. For many, the passing of the summer means the onset of Seasonal Affective Disorder which can induce a depression that saps the strength and dulls the mind. If you find yourself sleeping significantly more or less, find the prospect of getting up in the morning increasingly unfathomable and feel like every day is an uphill struggle, you may well be affected by SAD without even knowing it.

There are many ways in which one can combat this menace; a robust exercise regimen, a healthy diet rich in mood boosting fruits and veggies and spending as much time in natural light and close to nature as possible are all great solutions to beating the seasonal blues. But DIY enthusiasts will be delighted to hear that you can decorate your way to happiness that will chase away the autumnal gloom with a splash of colour and vibrancy.

Not only are these decorating tips easy to follow with just a few rolls of decorators tapes and a little knowhow, they will keep your home looking great now and all year round. So, shake off that seasonal funk, get your overalls on and get going…

Some like it hot

Hot hues are great for injecting a spark of vibrancy into a room that will serve you well when the view from your window is decidedly drab. Our brains are conditioned to equate warm colours with the rising of the sun, thus warm colours can brighten your outlook in lieu of the sun. Hot pink, zesty lime and azure blue are popular choices but try not to aim for too many hot hues in the same room as the business this creates will actually detract from the effect.

Embrace flower power

Being close to nature is proven to brighten one’s perspective and even reduce the risk of health problems from depression to obesity. Though the weather may not be permissive of communing with nature, you’d be surprised at how much brighter floral and natural patterns and materials can brighten your outlook. Bold floral wallpapers and an abundance of potted plants and flowers can make a great contribution to brightening up your home.

Coloured lighting

There’s nothing more beautiful than the splash of pink and orange blossoming across the sky in a beautiful sunset. While autumn sunsets are far from dramatic, you can emulate this effect by using coloured glass in your light shades to brighten rooms with blooms of colour.

Soft furnishings

Colour and light are important in creating a mood-boosting interior, but let’s not overlook the importance of texture. Investing in bright and colourful yet soft and tactile cushions, blankets and throws can add cheer and comfort in equal measure.

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