Host Your Own Sports Day

Sports Day

If you’re wondering what to do for your child’s birthday, or even just if you are having their friends over for the weekend in the sun. Why not try and make your own version of a school sports day? It’ll keep the kids entertained, be fun to organise and you and the other adults can sit on the side lines with cocktails and beer, what could be better?

Find a location

If you don’t have a particularly large garden, you’ll need to find somewhere to host your sports day. Check out local parks and fields, and ask for permission to use the space if you need to. You’ll want plenty of room for equipment, seating and snacks.

Brainstorm ideas for activities

The games you can play on sports day are varied and plenty. First of all, decide how many different events you want to make, how many kids you have participating and the things you’ll need to buy. Decide on the games you want from the old classics:

  • Egg and spoon race
  • Wheelbarrow race
  • Hula hoop challenges
  • Space hopper race
  • Relay race
  • Balloon games
  • Bean bag throwing competition
  • Five-a-side football
  • Dribbling a football around cones
  • A mini triathlon of different skills

Or even make up your own games with the help of the other parents or your kids. Pinterest always has fun ideas for things like this. You can find some great games here:

Decide On Your Prizes

If you are going to create a competition between the kids, you’ll want to give them an incentive to win. There are plenty of great ideas for prizes to give out to your kids for sports day.

If you are thinking of holding an Olympic style event, you could give out medals such as from and even make podiums out of old boxes for the kids to stand on.

Alternatively, you could keep it really simple and give the winner some chocolate or any other kind of sweet treat. Kids aren’t fussy, they will be happy with anything you can give out.

Plan your refreshments


Make sure that you have plenty of drinks to hand for the kids, and grown ups for your sports day. Having lots of water handy, as well as a big jug of lemonade or orange juice will be ideal for the kids. And then some wine, beer and fruity cocktails for the parents to make the day into a bit of a party.

Snacks For The Kids

Kids are easy to please, so having plenty of crisps, chocolate and fresh fruit will keep them happy all day. You could even hand out some ice lollies in the middle of the day if it gets hot.

Snacks For The Adults

For the adults, small chicken sandwiches, hummus and pita bread, and cheese on crackers are the perfect simple snacks for the day. You could even light up the barbecue if you are feeling like having a party out of the day, with burgers, sausages and buns.

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