Get Ready For The Autumn: A Checklist For Your Home


Summer has barely even begun, but it’s time to make an Autumn checklist so you can prepare your home for the colder months. When the cold air sets in, you will feel less inclined to make the necessary checks, and if you need to hire a professional service, you should do it sooner rather than later in case they get booked up.

Consider the following as you prepare your home for Autumn.

Seal the gaps in your home

Check all the gaps in your doors and windows, and if you feel any air coming in, it’s time to get to work. Seal them with caulk and weather-stripping, ensuring your home remains warm in the colder months and saving you a lot of money on your energy bills.

Check the roof

If you don’t check the roof for damages, such as missing tiles or corroded metals, the inside of your home will suffer in the winter months due to watery leaks coming through and the possibility of damp. Check out this page for potential roofing problems.

A professional roofer may need to be called in for tiling, but provided you don’t have a fear of heights, you should get to work on the guttering. The Autumn months will add to any clogged up debris and foliage, so reduce the problem by clearing out any blockages in advance.

Prepare your wood stove

There is nothing better than a sitting around a warm fire when the air is cold outside, so make sure you stock up on logs and kindling. Visit this site to find some great deals, as you never know how cold the winter is going to be. Make sure you smoke test it before use, ensuring the chimney is clear, and the stove doors are well ventilated.

Prepare your walkways

Check for cracked stonework in your walkways and patio, and ensure there are no loose railings around your steps. They are a hazard in all weather conditions, but as the cold months set in, there is the added danger of ice, so you need to be safe underfoot.

Check your central heating

You don’t want to be left in the cold because your central heating has stopped working, so make sure you check all the radiators in the house. If any are not working, you may need to bleed them. If there is a bigger problem, your boiler or thermostat may be on the blink. Go to this site to problem solve if there are any issues, as you may need to call in a professional to give it a service.

Sort out your shed

You won’t need to use your garden chairs when the summer ends unless you are determined to catch every last moment of sun you can. Therefore, clear out the shed ready to store them. Head to this website for ideas in how to fix it up to ensure the atmosphere is cool and dry to avoid problems of damp and rust.

Home security

Finally, as the darker nights set in, your home is at risk of burglary, so you need to stay safe. Buy an alarm system as well as checking the locks on your windows and doors to keep out any unwelcome house guests.

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