Top Tips To Prepare Your Garden For The Autumn


Whether you choose to believe it or not, Autumn is just around the corner. While you dream of an eternal summer, it’s just not going to happen. Very soon, the tell-tale signs of Autumn will arrive, such as the shorter nights and changes in nature. You may have just readied your garden for the summer months, but as every gardener knows, it is important to prepare your garden early for the changes ahead.

As the colder days set in, you are less likely to venture out into the garden. So, while it’s warm, begin to take care of your garden, and you will start to see the benefits of your labour in the weeks and months ahead.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Look after your lawn

The sun is great, in small doses, but your lawn will suffer in the heat. During the summer, make an effort to revitalize your grass by watering it weekly, and add fertilizer, such as those from to your plants. By doing so, you will give your flowers and plants the nutrients they need to help them fend off the treacherous advances of the colder days ahead, and giving you extra time to enjoy their beauty.

Cover the pond

During the summer, a pond is a great water feature. However, as Autumn sets in, there is a need to protect the pond from falling foliage and other debris that the chilly winds can bring. Therefore, buy an adequately sized net to cover the pond to prevent the water from being polluted. This way, you will have less work to do in the spring when you begin to get your garden ready for the following summer.

Dig up the weeds

Weeds are a curse to gardeners, and you need to get them under control as they are liable to spread. Digging them up and killing them off early will save you a lot of hard work later on, and your garden will thank you for it. They grow everywhere, from between your carefully planted flowers, to the cracks in your patio, so scour every inch of your outdoor area as you begin to attack them from the root. Be careful about chemical weed killers as they can be dangerous to your flowers, but have some very good ideas as to how you can make a safer option at home.

Keep the home fires burning

Not only will you be buying firewood for your wood stove ready for the Autumn chill, but they are also useful for a small bonfire to burn up your garden waste. Visit and have a look at what they could offer you, saving you the hard work of sourcing wood from your garden and places of nature. Furthermore, you could use spare logs to create an attractive boundary around your garden, or create some interesting wooden sculptures.

Don’t throw away the wood ash as it can be used as extra fertilizer for your garden, giving some of your plants the potassium they need to survive. Visit to find out which plants wood ash will benefit, as well as those that won’t.

Care for your greenhouse

Your greenhouse is perfect for allowing your summer plants to flourish during the warmer months, and now is the time to prepare for those flowers and plants that need extra care during the winter chill. As Autumn creeps in, your plants will have less sunlight to benefit them, so clean the glass panes to allow in as much sun as possible before winter finally takes hold.

Plant evergreen foliage

While many plants and flowers will eventually die or hibernate during the cold and frosty weather, evergreen trees and plants will continue to add much-needed colour to your garden. While the soil is still warm, now is the perfect time to plant a few, including camellias, japonica, and holly. Unlike other foliage, these are low maintenance, so you don’t need to brave the cold air to look after them.

Prepare for the spring

Read one of our previous articles at to find out why spring is the best season for your garden. While summer is barely over, you still need to prepare for the later seasons to get the full benefit of your Spring flowers. Now is the time to plant those all-important bulbs, including tulips and daffodils, to ensure your garden blooms with glorious colour in the new year.

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