Subtle Ways To Personalise Your Bathroom


For many people, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms of the house. Even though it is often one of the smaller areas in the home, there is much to be said for it. No home is complete without one, and it can actually work wonders in terms of accenting certain stylistic or thematic ideas around the home. But something which is often overlooked is its potential for being a highly personal space too. If you want to get a little more out of your bathroom, you might want to consider making it a little more personal. There are some particularly subtle and powerful ways you can do this – let’s have a look at a few.

It’s All In The Tub

Did you get to choose your current bathtub? If not, you might well be surprised at just how much you can get out of changing your tub for one that speaks to you more directly. The choice of bathtub can say a surprising amount about you and what you want from your bathroom. Some might choose a deeper or more rounded shape, so that they can share baths or lounge while bathing. Or you might be looking for efficiency first and foremost, in which case going for a smaller one in the corner could be your ideal choice. Either way, it is good to know what is actually best for you, and making your choice of tub based on that.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Knowing how to place a mirror, what mirror to go for, and where to place it, are all important for personalizing your bathroom space. A mirror is often strangely a kind of sanctuary for the soul, and it helps if you are happy with the mirror you have. One important factor here is the size of the mirror – you want one which fits the necessary space on the wall but without taking up too much space. For this, services like Mirrorfit can be a huge help. You will also want to put a lot of thought into where you place it, as this can help to make the space as spacious seeming or not as you like, depending on your own personal preferences. Play around with your mirror options – it makes a huge difference.

The Healing Power Of Plants

If you want to make your bathroom speak to you more, you might want to think about bringing in some of your favourite plants or flowers. Having a little nature indoors can really make a huge difference, and you might be surprised just how much you can use this to make the bathroom more suitable to your own tastes as well. What’s more, plants can be healing, and in the bathroom especially they have a way of calming and restoring you.

With a few extra touches such as these, you should find that you are able to enjoy your bathroom space much more – so get renovating today and let your creative juices flow.

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