Breathtaking Walks In Scotland


There are so many beautiful sights around Scotland, that would delight any nature lover or avid hiker. Although the Scottish mountains might not have the same height as their Alpine counterparts in mainland Europe, they definitely make up for it with grandeur. Whether you’re hoping for a gentle 30-mile stroll by the River Eden in Fife, or you’re hoping for a more challenging hike, you are spoiled for choice in this beautiful country.

Hadrian’s Wall Trek

Built in AD122 on the orders of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, this wall stretches from the East to West coasts of Britain, from Bowness on Solway in the West to Wallsend in the East, making it 73 miles long altogether. The Hadrian’s Wall trek is a delight for history enthusiasts, or anyone looking to try some charity challenges in the near future. Charity challenges encourage people to trek 25 miles of Hadrian’s Wall in the space of three days. Tours are also available between April and September for anyone who wants a historical insight into this monument.

Fife Coastal Path

Scotland is a varied country, made up of industrial areas, cosmopolitan cities, small villages, and award-winning beaches. You can see all these aspects of Scotland when you walk along the Fife Coastal Path; it’s not a walk for the faint-hearted, as it spans a total of 117 miles beginning at Kincardine Bridge and ending at Newburgh. In fact, it can talk the average walker between seven and nine days to complete the whole coastal path. But with so much to see along the way, you might not register just how far you’re actually walking. You pass through numerous historical villages, wildlife reservations, and monuments each day, and there are even a few transport links along the way if you need a break. If you want an adventure holiday, but you’re stuck for ideas, the Fife Coastal Path should now be on the top of your list.

Three Lochs Way

One of the best things about Scotland is its Lochs (the most famous one being the Loch Ness), so everyone should enjoy walking past the most naturally beautiful aspect of Scotland. Three Lochs Way always has Loch Lomond, The Gareloch and Loch Long in the background as the walker gets lost in the beauty of the Highland Boundary Fault and the mountains in the Southern Highlands. The route is 34 miles can easily be walked in 3 to 4 days, although the West Highland railway line never far away if the route feels too strenuous.

Achmelvich Beach

After all the intense hikes that last for several days, it’s nice to just take a nice stroll on a beach. Achmelvich Beach is a great place for this because it also Europe’s smallest castle, Hermit’s Castle, along the way. Achmelvich is renowned for diverse wildlife, including cetaceans, seals, basking sharks, otters, ospreys and white-tailed eagles. A nearby trail leads back to Lochinver village, concluding an amazing day out.

Despite having amazing cities, Scotland’s walking trails are worth exploring.

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