Unblocking Your Gutters For Spring

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Now that winter is coming to an end and the spring is just around the corner, it is time to start thinking about preparing the house and the garden for the new season. The first thing you will want to take a look at is the drains and gutters surrounding your home.

A blocked drain can cause damage to your home as moisture will build up and be able to seep into the brickwork. Below we’ve listed some solutions to a blocked drain which will help you keep it clear and free of water.

Cleaning and Inspection

You should treat your gutters like any other important part of the home. Every so often you will need to unclog the area and inspect it to make sure that everything is still on working order. Every six months or so you will want to inspect the area and make sure that the gutters and drains have no cracks or damage, and that the connection are all solid between the pipes. Clean out any leaves which have fallen into the gutter and hose the area so clean it. If you don’t clean it, there could be mosquito eggs living in your gutters and this can be a disaster when summer comes around.

Identify Your Problem

If you have carried out the inspection of the area and realise that the gutters are either blocked or damaged, you will need to find the reason why. When you have a blocked gutter which happens often, it could be that there is a tree hanging overhead and leaves seem to congregate in the area. By trimming the trees nearby you could solve this issue and make it much easier for the gutter to stay clear.

Cleaning Gutters and Downpipes

When you come to clean your gutters and downpipes, set up a sturdy ladder and wear protective gloves. First off you will want to remove any blockages such as leaves and debris in the gutter. If the downpipe is clogged you may need to use a rod to unclog the pipe and release the blockage from inside. You can then start to hose the area and make sure that it is all clean and the water is flowing where it should.

Prevent future blockages

The next thing you can do is put things in place which will protect your gutters and keep them from becoming blocked in the future. Start by adding gutter guards to your gutters which will help to prevent the build up of leaves and foliage in your gutter. It will allow the water to pass through but will stop the foliage from getting into your gutter and downpipes. This can make a massive difference to the lifespan of your fitter system and will save you having to unblock it.

If you are a little unsure about climbing a ladder and cleaning out the drainpipes yourself, you can always ask a family member or friend to help you. Failing this you can also ask a roofing company to come and do it for you.

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