Fisherman’s Friends Review

Fisherman's Friends

On Monday night, my girlfriend and I decided to go to the cinema to see Fisherman’s Friends – a film based on true events about a group of sea shanty singing fishermen, and it was absolutely brilliant!

Fisherman’s Friends is a biographical comedy-drama about a group of 10 fishermen from Port Issac in Cornwall and how they were discovered by a music manager and went on to land a record deal and a Top Ten hit.

Starring Daniel Mays as Danny, Tuppence Middleton as Alwyn, James Purefoy as Jim, David Hayman as Jago, Dave Johns as Leadville, Sam Swainsbury as Rowan and Noel Clarke as Troy. Screenplay by Nick Moorcroft, Meg Leonard and Piers Ashworth. Directed by Chris Foggin.

While on a stag weekend in Cornwall, music executive Danny (Daniel Mays) is told by his boss Troy (Noel Clarke) to do whatever it takes to sign a group of fishermen singing sea shanties on the harbour. What Danny didn’t know was that his boss was playing a prank on him. Danny is left behind and told not to return until they are signed.

What follows is the true story of how Danny tries to win over the trust of the band, integrate into the local community, gain friendship and trust, along with a record deal thrown in. His experience forces him to re-evaluate what is important in life.

Overall, Fisherman’s Friends is an excellent and really enjoyable uplifting, light-hearted comedy-drama. Daniel Mays is perfect as the sceptical cockney music executive, an outsider, who believes in the band, the town and the way of life.

The fisherman are brilliant with James Purefoy leading the group and David Hayman providing the comedy.

While the film is ultimately about the band and Danny’s attempt to get them a record deal, it is also a love story, a story of friendship, community and trust.

A very easy going, light-hearted comedy. You don’t have to be a music fan or like sea shanties to enjoy this film.

I really enjoyed it and would rate it 4.5/5.

Rating: 4.5/5

Fisherman’s Friends is now available to buy on DVD from Amazon here.

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