Tidy Books Box Review

Tidy Books Box

Regular readers of my blog will know that I love to read and so do the children. The children have hundreds of books, as do I, and storage can be a bit of a problem (at least children’s picture books are a whole lot slimmer than the hard cover novels I read). The children have a small, child-sized bookcase in their bedroom that holds most of their books, but as we are always getting more books we always need more space.

We were recently sent a portable wooden book box from Tidy Books for review, which gives storage for up to 40 children’s books of various sizes and shapes. We received ours in white (it is also available in natural wood), which is great as it matches the colour of their bedroom furniture.

The Tidy Books Box measures H34cm x W54cm x D28cm, so it is a good size. It is handmade from sustainable limewood with no MDF and finished really well, with water lacquer and features rounded edges. It has a carry handle, making it portable (by an adult rather than a child due to the weight). At one end, the box features a removable (by adult as screwed on) play clock to encourage children to learn to tell the time.

When it arrived, it was flat-packed and required some assembly. This took about 15-20 minutes and that included reading the easy to follow instructions and the attentions of 2 curious 5-year-olds. Once assembled it felt very strong and sturdy.

We filled one side with their favourite reading books for bedtime and the other side with educational books and colouring books. They love the box as it is just the right size for them and they can find their favourite books quickly.

While it has a carry handle to make it portable it is quite heavy so should only be moved by an adult. That said, while the boys can’t lift if they do manage to pull it across the floor.

Overall, the boys love this book box. It is a very good well-constructed, sturdy box that is just the right height for them to easily look through the books in it. It is easy for an adult to carry and the play clock is great for learning number and trying to teach the time.

My only concern with the box is the price, at £99 is it quite expensive. On reflection, it is made from sustainable wood, is safely lacquered and is handmade. It has stood up to the attention of 5 year old twin boys and is excellent quality, so while expensive you are getting a good quality book box that will last a long time.

My only problem now is at the rate the boys get new books they need a bigger bookcase.

The Tidy Books Box is a very good quality, child-safe book storage box, well made and hopefully with the ease of access will encourage their reading.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £99

Available to buy from Tidy Books here.

DISCLOSURE: I was provided this product for free for the purposes of writing an honest and impartial review. All opinions are my own.
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