Simple & Cheap Home Security Tricks Worth Implementing

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We all love our homes. We all usually have people within our homes we would like to protect, even if that is currently only ourselves. We all know that people are not always good or well intentioned, and that one of the many functions of our home is to protect against these people and feel safe. Vulnerability is something never to fear in a home of sufficient security, but it’s important that you take care of this immediately in order to completely protect yourself to a profound degree.

The best part? Protecting your home needn’t cost you a great deal of money. There are simply methods to protect yourself from being robbed, broken into or any other number of negative circumstances that arise through crime. The following should list those succinctly:

Get A Dog

A loving pooch with a sizeable bark can be the first and most immediate step necessary to developing a better relationship with your home security. It needn’t even be a large dog (which is often not ideal around small children or babies,) but it should have a loud aggressive bark, and a defensive stature against potential invaders. If a thief scopes your home and tries to enter where they shouldn’t, the sound of a dog not only scares them with the threat of physical attack, but lets them know that everyone is alerted to their presence. A thief trying to break in silently and worrying about being spotted is unlikely to truly identify the size of a dog from the bark, unless your dog express a little yelp as standard. This should be enough to deter any home invader, as we all know dogs are fiercely territorial, and this can come between them and their wrongdoing goals.


There’s nothing quite like deterring a would be home invasion that catching the perpetrators on camera. The mere presence of a home CCTV system can deter thieves from trying to inspect the blind spots of your property. Even fake cameras can work this well, but it’s always best to have some utility to this with a functioning system. Robbers and those who wish to evade being arrested will often flee at the first sight of a camera, as it reveals information they would rather not express at that moment. They might also rightfully assume that the motion detection gives off an alert to you, and if they have any semblance of wisdom would be deterred by that fact.


Speaking of alerts, a floodlight system can work wonders in helping you deter would be criminals from your home. Tripping the motion detector at night (particularly in less well lit environments such as the countryside,) will flood the space with a bright and oppressive light, which gives the thief zero place to hide or turn. If you place these in the right areas, you can ensure that zero shadows are given off, making the invader completely isolated and vulnerable. This can also shock them so much into never returning, which should be your main goal.

While all of these elements are useful, they are even more strong when combined together. We hope that installing or purchasing these helpful implements gives you the home security you truly deserve.

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