Reclaiming Your Furniture Graveyard

Photo credit: Dan Phiffer (dphiffer / flickr)

Nothing’s worse than that moment your favourite furniture breaks. We’ve all sat a little too hard on the sofa we love and felt the springs give. Or, perhaps you had an unfortunate incident with a chair leg. Whatever the issue, it leaves you with broken furniture cluttering the place. It may be that you love that furniture too much to let it go. Or, you may just not have the money to replace it right now.

Either way, cluttering your home is no way to a relaxed space. In fact, let this situation get out of control, and it’ll be near enough impossible to switch off. Which is why we’re going to look at three ways you can tackle that furniture graveyard.


Your budget may be stretched, but you might need to bite the bullet and replace that broken piece. In truth, there are ways to do this, even on a small monthly budget. You could turn to microloans to see you through. The small size of such loans makes them ideal for replacing that broken sofa without leaving you in debt. Or, you could opt to buy new furniture on credit. This does mean paying interest, but you at least get to repay the loan over a period which suits. If you don’t fancy either, you could always save the money on your own. Develop a realistic plan for saving enough in a short time. That broken piece will be easier to bear if you know it’ll be gone soon enough.


If you have a keen eye for DIY, you could always repair broken furniture instead. Most of the time, there’s an easy enough fix which is sure to be cheaper than a complete replacement. In truth, some repairs will be easier than others. A broken chair leg, for instance, is simple enough to fix. Broken sofa springs are a little more complicated. But, you can tackle a large job like that if you put your mind to it. Set aside a few weekends, or an hour or so of your evenings. All you need to do to get this right is head online and watch a few videos. And, after you’ve done it once, you’ll be able to tackle all future repairs of this nature.


If you don’t fancy repairs but can’t bear to part with a piece, you could always repurpose it. Sure, you won’t get it back to its former glory this way. But, this does allow you to keep hold of something, and even improve its use to suit you. This is a fantastic way to reclaim your home, and you could have a lot of fun doing it. The possibilities are endless here, and they’re entirely dependent on your tastes. That old, broken crib could make a fantastic daybed. That old chair could transform into a unique shelf. You could even turn your old sofa into a bookcase if you fancied. Have fun and see what you can come up with.

Photo Credit: Dan Phiffer (dphiffer / flickr)

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