Risky Business… Treading Safely


Risk-taking is seldom the norm anymore. We are all so cautious in our approaches to upsetting the status quo, or we just feel that we’re not in a position to take any leaps of faith that it seriously hampers our creative juices. Business is a prime example of the lack of risk-taking, but it is stated in every piece of advice you read online or if you look at any entrepreneur and their process, they will tell you that it’s all about risk! Pushing the boundaries doesn’t have to make you a liability at all, you can take risks in smaller pockets of your company, and here are a few simple ways to do this.

Provide The Safe Structure

For those that are cautious about dipping their foot in the pool of risk, taking a small gamble is what will whet your appetite. There are certain foundations that your business needs in order to function properly, and things like tech security and having the right IT company in place to secure your systems so you can take the appropriate risks. By having a foundation of security, it better prepares you for taking bigger gambles. For example, financial gambles work best when you don’t place all of your eggs in one basket. Gambling in business is also risk management. So by making sure that the structure is in place for you to take more risks, it will be a more inviting concept.

Your Creative Output

Your creative output should be an area where you push the envelope. Something like a business blog or a vlog could be used to your advantage in gathering new followers or communicating your business ethos to the masses in a unique or quirky way. It’s something that every small to large business does now, so you need to start thinking outside the box more when it comes to your ideas. The great thing about creating content on a regular basis is that the more you do it, the more you sharpen your metaphorical pencil and the ideas will become greater and more original. Keeping ahead of the competition is all about originality and the more creative your output it becomes much easier to retain a unique voice and sense of identity.

Invest In One Area At A Time

Risks don’t sound appealing when you don’t have the necessary framework, so when the structure is in place, you can start to make the changes you feel will work without fear of failure. You can do this by focusing on one area to change instead of making massive ones across the board. By changing one thing at a time, it doesn’t feel like as much of a total impact on the organization. Doing it like this is, in essence, a safe way to take risks. And if you see a positive outcome in changing that one area, you can progress and change others. If it doesn’t work, it hasn’t made that much of an impact on the business as a whole. Risk is something you should try because it may take you to a better place in business, but you can do it safely too!

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