Moving Home More Stressful Than Divorce? Not With These Simple Tips!

Moving Home

Moving home is supposed to be an exciting time, but the reality is that it can be an incredibly stressful experience. In fact, some research suggests that it is an even more stressful experience than getting divorced!

While I wouldn’t go that far, I can certainly attest to the rising levels of blood pressure that can occur, and it’s also worth pointing out that the moving day itself is only a small part of the problem. Moving home needs a lot of planning in advance, and if you go into the process without preparation, it could end in disaster.

To ensure your move goes smoothly, and that you avoid developing heart palpitations, I’ve put together a few tips for you to make the whole process as stress-free as possible. Let’s get started right away.

Declutter your life

There is no point in making work for yourself when you move home, so have a think about getting rid of a few of your possessions. As a general rule, if you haven’t used an item or worn some clothing within the past six months, you have to question if it’s worth keeping. Charity shops are always looking for good-quality items, and some might even come and collect them from you. And don’t forget, the less you move into your new home, the less it will cost you.

Book your removal company

Make sure you book a removal company a long time in advance. Visit Sussex Removals or take a look at local firms and you will see that high-quality removal companies are in hot demand, with bookings often being made weeks – possibly months – in advance. So the earlier you book your transport and removal guys, the better. Make sure you check in with them a week before the move, too, and go through all your expectations.

Boxing up

Boxing up is a royal pain in the behind when you are moving home. But you can cut back on the stresses and strains by making an early start. Begin by packing up all those things you don’t use that often – they can be stored away without any real impact on your lifestyle. Books, out of season clothes, and DVD and music collections are good examples. As you get closer to the big day, try doing a box every night – and don’t forget to label your boxes. One of the greatest nightmares of moving home is arriving at your new place and realising you have no idea what is where.

Lose the kids

If you have children, think about finding childcare for them so that they are out of the way on the day of your move. For a start, kids can feel the stresses and strains of moving house more tan anyone else. They could find it upsetting, as it is likely they have fond memories of their old bedroom and play areas. But also, there is a safety aspect to consider.

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