New Year, New Career – How To Find The Perfect Job For You


The new year is fast approaching and thus it brings about a time for great change. Many of us see the start of a new year as a symbolic time – a chance for us to start afresh or to make some major life changes. This desire can manifest itself in many different areas of our lives. Some of us go down the health and fitness route, buying a gym membership and starting to eat a healthier diet. Others decide to spend the next year being more careful with money and building up a saving fund. But for many others, a common new year’s resolution is to further their career. So many of us are driven by career success, but also want to love what we do. If you are in need of change in your professional life but don’t quite know where to begin, the best thing to do is to examine areas of your personality. This is sure fire way to find a new role that suits you – and hopefully one that you will thrive in and love.

The caring person

The care sector in the UK is huge and can range from daycare programs to elderly nursing homes. If you are a naturally nurturing and loving person who has a desire to help others, a career switch into care could be the right thing for you. An obvious route is to become a nurse – a role that has far many more branches than most people usually think. For example, you may want to specialize in adult nursing. Or, you might be great with children, in which case you might want to look into the role of a nursery nurse. Whatever your personal preference is, take a look at sites such as Staffnurse where you can find more info on the kind of role that’s right for you.

The introvert

Introverted people tend to be a little on the quiet side – or at least they prefer socialising in smaller groups rather than larger ones. There is a common conception that they are naturally creative people. Whilst this is not strictly true for every single introvert, a lot of ‘creative’ style jobs are very well suited to people with introverted personalities. If you identify as an introvert, you might want to work for yourself in some kind of creative field, such as photography or writing. Working in technology is also a popular option for those who prefer time alone where they can think deeply.

The extrovert

At the opposite end of the scale, extroverts tend to be louder and what is generally described as a ‘people person’. There are a lot of different roles which are suited to extroverts, some which revolve around teamwork and others which revolve around leadership. Extroverts tend to excel in customer facing roles, so anything from a shop assistant to a customer service manager would work. A lot of extroverts also become teachers, as passion is vital in the education industry and extroverts are able to use this to their and their student’s advantage.

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