Country Life: Things to Consider Before Going Rural


The grass might be greener over in the countryside, but there are many things to consider before taking the plunge and selling your home to move to a rural area. While it might seem like a peaceful haven, there are many comforts that you’re going to miss if you move from a city area to the countryside. To give you an idea of the challenges you might face and have to get used to, here are a few pointers.

Internet Coverage

Most rural areas are in the middle of nowhere and as a result, your internet speeds are going to vary a lot. In newly developed areas, the chance of getting high-speed internet is entirely possible if the foundations were laid with the internet in mind. However, old locations will suffer from no 4G coverage and telecom companies will have to dig up land to extend cables and build internet infrastructure. If you rely heavily on the internet to do your work or for entertainment, then you might want to consider checking internet availability first.

Lack of Services

There’s usually very few services in the countryside. You’ll have to do your own home improvements, there are very few (if any) restaurants and takeaways, and you’ll be hard pressed to find your favourite supermarket chains and clothing stores. As a result, you might end up having to drive for a considerably long amount of time to find your favourite snacks and treats that you could get from almost any store in the city, and your local markets probably won’t have everything you need. They’ll carry the basics such as bread, milk and vegetables, but don’t expect to find speciality items.

Septic Tanks

In the city, almost every property is connected to a drainage system that can filter junk from wastewater on a large scale. However, in rural areas, this isn’t feasible and many hard-to-reach places need their own private drainage system. This means you’ll need to maintain and manage a septic tank which essentially separates all the sludge and material inside of wastewater before it connects back to a water pipe system. And yes, this means you also need to clean it (or get a service to do it) and to treat nasty smells that might happen, you’ll need regular septic tank inspections.

Transport Concerns

City-goers are used to public transport systems that can take you to almost any corner of the city with ease. However, it’s uncommon to have vast transport networks in rural areas because there’s simply no demand for it. Most people have bikes or cars to get them around town, and if you’re lucky there might be a train station nearby to get to larger cities or local taxi service. Don’t expect to have bus passes and don’t expect there to be Uber service in the countryside. If you don’t drive, then you might need to buy at least a bike so you can travel around town, but it’s best to own a car and a driver’s license.

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