The Forgotten Safety Features Of Your Home

When it comes to our homes, we tend to forget a lot about the safety features that come with it. Whilst most of them are built in – especially if it’s a new-build or one that’s been built within the past thirty years – there are other things that we need to be thinking of in our house, especially if we have children running around. So just where do we begin when there is so much to take into consideration?

Windows & Doors

Most windows and doors have safety features on them to ensure that as little harm comes to the user as possible. From windows that only open to a certain extent as to stop people from climbing in or out, to doors that soft-close to stop little fingers getting trapped in the hinges, these are all devices that have been developed from harmful accidents that have occurred in the past. If you haven’t looked more closely into getting safety features fitted into your home when it comes to windows and doors, it’s time to start searching; not only will they add value to your home, but they could potentially stop a serious accident from occurring in the future.


Different types of flooring produce different results in terms of how long you’re going to stay upright on it for. This is especially important to think about if you have kids running around your house. You will need something that they are able to grip onto, regardless of what they are wearing on their feet or what weather condition is (humid weather or rain outside can produce moisture on the floor which can become a huge safety feature if they are moving at a quick pace, resulting in them slipping and potentially hurting themselves). While carpets are a good idea for causing friction and slowing down, they can also cause carpet burn if taken at a high speed. For those who are adverse to cleaning them/aware of the hygiene implications, floor resin may be a better idea. This means that it will be able to be wiped as well as providing a grippable surface for all ages.


It’s not just the plugs that you have to worry about nowadays – it’s the wires too. Especially as we are moving more into the age of charging phones, laptops and tablets in any and every room in the house, there is more potential for a tripping hazard to become apparent. Make sure that all cables are wrapped up properly and hidden from view. Not only is this good for aesthetics, but being out of the way of anyone and everyone will certainly help the safety aspects of your home. There are cable tidies that you can buy online from sites like Amazon and eBay. If you have plug sockets that are unused, make sure to get them covered up to stop any other accidents from happening – to little fingers making their way in, to something untoward spilling near it resulting in an electric shock.

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