Here’s How Nature Is Damaging Your Home


For the most part, nature is really great. After all, it provides us with clean, fresh air and gorgeous flowers that can brighten up our day! However, it can also be bad news for properties. The weather and wildlife don’t take kindly to man-made structures so you might have a struggle trying to protect your home from them.

Don’t worry, though; this isn’t all bad news. You just need to follow these tips to help protect your home from nature!

Wind & Rain

Your property takes a battering from the wind and rain, and there is unfortunately not much you can do about this! The best way you can deal with this issue is to ensure that you are quick to repair any damage caused by the elements as soon as possible. If you ever find that you’ve lost tiles after a bad storm, you need to swiftly contact PH Roofing so that they can send someone out to repair your roof. If you leave that problem for too long, you might find that your roof starts leaking. Similarly, the weather can cause erosion onto the façade of your house, especially in the pointing. If you find that your pointing is chipped away or starts to look shabby, you should call a building specialist who can repoint your home.


There are loads of species of wildlife out there, most of which will leave your property alone. However, you might find that some try and make a home for themselves in your house! If you notice any signs of a pest infestation, you need to investigate straight away so that you can prevent a small swarm of pests becoming a huge problem! Things you need to look out for are damaged house plants, grease tracks along your floors, and rodent droppings. You might even hear some bugs scuttling around in your house as well! If you think you have a pest problem, call a pest control company.

Moving Earth

Even though we don’t feel or notice it, the earth is constantly moving under our feet. Usually, this isn’t a big deal as it hardly affects us. But it can cause some major problems for buildings! That is because the ground around a property’s foundations is constantly moving, and this causes the foundations to move with it as well. If the foundations are moving, you can be sure that the whole building is too! If you start to notice cracks in your floors, walls, or ceilings, then you probably need to get your foundations checked out by a structural expert. Other signs include doors and windows getting stuck and a slope developing in your floors. Be prepared for the bill, as this is very expensive work!

So, even though nature may look perfectly harmless on the surface, it can actually be quite damaging to your property. Make sure you remember the points in this blog post as they will help you save your home and fight back against the forces of nature!

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