Hot Dog! Keeping Your Dachshund Cool This Summer

Dachshunds are often referred to as sausage dogs or hot dogs due to their unique physique. Some people even like to dress them up as the snack with a pretend drizzle of ketchup or mustard on top! But all jokes aside, it is so important to keep your pooch cool when it comes to the summer months. While any Dachshund is likely to prefer being a little too hot than a little too cold (they cannot stand chilly weather), it is essential for their health and well-being that they do not overheat. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep your four-legged friend cool in the coming summer months.


Hydration is essential for all of us, including our pets. So make sure that your pup has access to clean, fresh, cool water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They will drink when they need, so as long as they can get to water when they want some, they should be A-okay. If you’re going on a walk, remember to take a bottle and water bowl with you. Don’t assume that your dog won’t want a drink till you get home. There are collapsible rubber bowls available for those who don’t want to carry a large bag. Just clip these onto your belt and you’re ready to go!


While dogs love to run around and play in the garden in the sun, there will come a time when they want a rest to cool off. So make sure that they aren’t stuck in a garden with no shade. Excessive exposure to sunlight can cause your furry friend to suffer from heat exhaustion. So make sure that they have a well-shaded spot to lie down when they begin to tire.

Sleeping Arrangements

Speaking of sleep, make sure that your dog has comfortable sleeping arrangements for the summer. Cooling dog beds are available and make a great addition to any dog lover’s home. Your pooch will find comfort and relief in one of these cosy beds. Perfect after a long summer’s day!


Never leave any dog alone or unsupervised in a car. We cannot emphasize this enough. Even in moderately hot weather, the temperature inside of your vehicle can sky rocket and sadly hundreds of dogs die in these conditions every single year. So if you’re not in the car, make sure that you take your pup with you. You may think that leaving the windows down will make the conditions tolerable, but this isn’t something that you should trust.


Dachshunds come in two types: one with short, molting fur, the other with longer fur. Short haired Dachshunds should cope fine in the warm weather. If a day is particularly hot, you might want to cool them off with low pressure, cool water from the garden hose. If your dog has long hair, however, make sure to book them in for a haircut. Excess hair will overheat your pet, so make sure it is short to allow the air to get to their skin and lighten the load on their little body.

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