iWALK PowerSquid Power Bank Review


How often have you been out shopping or enjoying the outdoors and your phone runs out of battery? It shouldn’t really be an issue; you might miss a few calls and messages. That might have been true a few years ago, but these days we use our phones for everything: phone calls, messages, diary, camera, banking, listening to music, watching TV, playing games, paying for things in shops, maps and lots more. Our phones have become an everyday necessity that most people can’t do without. We can’t plan our days around where we can plug in our phones to make sure that they always have enough power, that would be ridiculous. But we can make sure that we always have enough power in our pockets or bags with a compact portable charger like the iWALK PowerSquid Power Bank.

Carrying around a portable charger / power bank is great, but it also means that depending on the devices you want to charge you might have to carry around a variety of different USB cables. Not so with the iWALK PowerSquid. The PowerSquid is a light and compact 9000mAh 18w portable universal fast charger with three built in cables so that you can charge your iPhone, Android Phone, USB-C devices and micro-USB devices, it even has a USB-A output so that you can plug in a cable to charge other devices such as a smart watch that uses a different cable. The PowerSquid has a Lightning cable, USB-C cable and Micro-USB cable that are permanently attached and tidy away into the housing of the charger.

The PowerSquid is a compact portable charger, only very slightly larger than a bank card, measuring approx. 5.5cm(W) x 10cm(L) x 3cm(D), with a 9000mAh battery – enough power to fully charge an iPhone 14 1.8 times or a Samsung Z Flip4 1.5 times. It can charge a Samsung S22 up to 50% in just 30 minutes. You can charge one device at a time or charge 3 simultaneously. It is available in black, white or pink.

Charging the PowerSquid takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours and for this you will require and extra cable. A USB-C to USB-C charging cable is supplied but not a wall plug, although everybody has at least one in house so isn’t a problem for most people. It is no different than charging your phone, just plug in the USB-C cable into the base and it will start to charge. It has a LED number display on the front of the charger that lets you see the percentage of charge (the numbers on the display will flash to indicate charging and at what level the power is at). Whilst it is charging, you can still charge your phone through it, although charging on both devices will be slower – it has pass-through technology, meaning that you can charge your phone while the PowerSquid is being charged (priority charging given to charging the phone).

Whilst it can charge phones and other devices quickly if they support fast charging, it can also charge low powered devices such as Bluetooth headsets, bands, and smart watches with just as much ease as it features a trickle charge mode. Just press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to place into trickle charge mode (you will see a green charge symbol on the display when it is in this mode).

One for all portable charger.
Bring the power with you!

Overall, I think that the iWALK PowerSquid Portable Charger is an excellent compact power bank. Whilst it isn’t the most powerful of chargers (9000mAh, my old larger and heavier power bank has 20000mAh) it has enough power to give your phone at least one complete charge and is universally compatible with its 3 different attached cables so that you can charge most devices on the go, no more hunting around for the correct cable or power outlets. This is now my power bank of choice to keep in my bag for when I’m out and about.

Whilst it has Lightning, USB-C and Micro-USB cables attached, they are not just hanging loose, looking untidy (a bit like a squid). The cables are neatly stored in the body of the PowerSquid. The Lightning cable and the Micro-USB cable are on each side (labelled L and M) and are very easy to remove and put back in, the USB-C cable is on the rear and is a bit more difficult to remove but easy to put back in – all three cables just pull out and push back in. The cables do have a very short length which some will see as a negative, others will see as a positive – it all depends on your outlook and how you use the charger. The cables measure between 8 and 9cm. I personally think that they are a good length with the way I use it. I use the USB-C cable the most for my phone and tablet, whilst the Micro-USB is perfect for my Kindle. I find that the cables are a good length to plug in my devices whilst being able to hold both devices in one hand and still use my device without trailing cables getting in my way. Others might prefer a longer cable depending on their needs. If you do require a longer cable, you can always plug in a USB-A cable into the top of the charger and use it that way (although that then means carrying another cable around with you).

The PowerSquid is lightweight and the perfect size for keeping in your bag or even in your pocket, and excellent for the kids to keep in their schoolbag (they then have no excuse for not being able to phone home). It is an excellent compact power bank for emergency charging on the go. It allows you to enjoy the outdoors, taking pictures and phone calls, updating your social media and paying for your tea and sandwich without having to worry about your battery dying or having to conserve battery power.

It is even safe to take with you onboard an aeroplane (there are rules regarding travelling with batteries, that includes power banks – you can find out more here). It makes it a great little travel accessory too!

Whilst running out of battery power on your phone or other devices when you are not near a power outlet can be a problem, with the iWALK PowerSquid you don’t need to worry anymore. You will have enough power in your pocket to recharge your device and you will always have the correct charging cable.

The iWALK PowerSquid portable charger is a solidly constructed device. It charges phones fast and there is no need to worry about looking for cables. I think that is an excellent little power bank for keeping in my bag for when the inevitable happens and my phone battery is running out. A phone accessory that everybody should have.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £34.99

For more information, visit www.iwalkworld.com. Available to buy from Amazon here.

DISCLOSURE: I received this item for free for the purposes of writing an honest and impartial review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. This review uses an affiliate link which I may receive a small commission from if you purchase through the link.
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