Four Ways To Add Value To Your Home

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When it comes to home renovations, it’s crucial that you focus on those that are of value to your property. For example, this could include changes that make your home more accessible, aesthetically pleasing, or luxurious.

After all, not only will this make your home a nicer place to spend time in, but it could also make selling your home much easier. After all, it means it will tick all of a buyer’s boxes when they come to view the property.

Despite this, many homeowners find it hard to distinguish between passing trends and home upgrades that make long-term sense – which could mean that you’re spending a great deal of money on something that won’t add that much value to your property.

With that in mind, here are four guaranteed ways to add value!

Install Solar Panels

A recent study from the Telegraph found that “installing solar panels on a property can add more than £3,000 to its value,” making it a relatively straightforward way to enhance your home right now. This is unsurprising, given the many benefits associated with installing solar panels, such as:

  • A marked decrease in energy bills
  • Improved energy efficiency within the home
  • Contributing towards an eco-friendly society
  • Appeasing eco-conscious buyers in the future

Don’t neglect your outdoor spaces

When it comes to home improvements, many property owners focus on indoor spaces. However, if you’re lucky enough to have access to outdoor spaces, be sure to show them some love too! For example, turning your garden from an overgrown mess into an outdoor paradise means that you can finally make use of the space – whether you’re sunbathing in summer or hosting an autumnal garden party.

If your garden is of a larger size, you could take this one step further by looking into Garden Rooms. These are small, well-designed rooms that allow you to capitalize on the space you have available to you, and they can serve many different functions. For example, you could turn it into a bright, airy office if you work from home or your very own bar!

Upgrade your kitchen appliances

Upgrading your kitchen fixtures and appliances, such as your oven or fridge, can instantly add value to your home. In fact, many realtors agree that the kitchen often has the biggest influence over buyers and could sometimes be the difference between them making an offer or looking elsewhere. Right now, it’s estimated that “a new kitchen adds between 5 and 15% to a home’s value.”

Furthermore, investing in these tools also gives you the chance to spend more time experimenting in the kitchen!

Transform unused spaces

Turning defunct spaces, such as basements and attics, into functional rooms is an obvious way to add value to your property and could also mean that you have more space available to you. For example, while the majority of homeowners use their basement as a storage unit, it could easily become a home cinema, office, or even an extra bedroom – you simply need to be creative!

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