New Year Clean Up

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The Christmas and New Year festivities are now out of the way and we can finally relax and have some much-needed peace, or can we? December has seen its toll on the house with all the visitors and excited kids and it’s now time to start the clean up.

With the number of visitors traipsing wet shoes over the carpets, kids dropping sweets, crisps and chocolates on the floors and the oven being in constant use cooking bigger meals, it is going to take time to get everything back to its pre-Christmas look (as well as an excuse to declutter and organise). So do you do it all yourself, call in the professionals or a bit of both?

All the floor coverings take a lot of pounding over the festive season, especially with the weather not being so great. All the tiled floors will need a clean.

For light cleaning a spray mop makes the job easy. The microfibre cloth does an excellent of cleaning the floors, trapping the any dirt in the cloth which can be removed and washed in the washing machine. The attached bottle can be filled with flor cleaner/disinfectant that can be spray by pulling the trigger on the handle, releasing the liquid in front of the mop head. The whole process is simple and leaves the floor clean without being as wet as a traditional mop and bucket, reducing drying time.

Spray Mop

Should you need a deeper clean, then a powered device is needed (unless you go old school and get down on your knees with a bucket of water and a scrubbing brush). The Karcher FC5 Hard Cleaner is a powerful cross between a vacuum cleaner and a mop. It vacuums up light debris while washing the floor at the same time, sucking up any excess water meaning the floors dry a lot faster. If does an excellent job, and fast!

Karcher FC5

Once you have finished with the tiled and vinyl floors, it is time to start on those carpets. There are lots of vacuum cleaners on the market and the Vax Blade 2 MAX is an outstanding lightweight stick vacuum cleaner, especially as it is cordless and has up to 45 minutes use on battery without any loss of suction. It can even convert into a small handheld cleaner to tackle skirting boards, stairs and sofas.

Blade 2 MAX

If vacuuming isn’t enough and you want to give your carpets a really deep clean and refresh and even remove some of those stains, then going professional is the way forward. You can buy or rent a carpet cleaner but in my experience they never seem to be as good as a professional carpet cleaner with more industrial equipment and know-how on using it effectively.

With so much foot traffic and food spills over the festive period the carpets could always do with a spruce up. Just before Christmas we called on Fantastic Services for a professional carpet clean. The carpets came out much cleaner and brighter with all but the most stubborn of stains removed. We found it an excellent service from a friendly and efficient company. Carpet cleaning starts from as little as £15.

Carpet Cleaning

And lastly, something that probably gets neglected a lot – the oven. It will have seen a lot of use over the past few weeks for Christmas and New Year and will probably be looking a bit unloved. I had my oven cleaned professionally a few months ago by Fantastic Services and they did an excellent job (as we have just moved house to one that has a in-built oven we will be looking at getting that professionally cleaned as well). The difference between using DIY oven cleaner solution over a professional service is just amazing and much better than the self-clean function on the oven. The oven sparkled and you could see your food through the glass on the oven door again. An oven clean starts from £47 for a single oven.

Oven Clean

Fantastic Services are the complete One-Stop Shop for All Home Services offering a wide range of services such as carpet cleaning, domestic cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, gardening and landscaping, pest control, oven cleans and lots more, throughout London and the UK. They currently offer 25+ FANTASTIC SERVICES.

All the services can easily be booked on the Fantastic Services website and you can check availability and prices before booking. All services are not available in all areas yet, but are growing all the time.

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So whether you are doing your New Year clean up yourself or bringing in the professionals, having your house spotless again will help you to finally relax ready for your next big gathering.

Disclosure: Any products or services mentioned were provided free of charge for the purposes of writing a honest and impartial review/article. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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