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Sleep is a very vital part of our day; ideally, as adults, we need between 7 and 9 a night to feel fully rested. Without a good night’s sleep, we can’t really function properly whether that’s making silly mistakes or just generally being in a bad mood. Sleeping refreshes the mind and body but apart from that it is also very enjoyable. But when you have two people in a bed where one is always hotter or cooler than the other, it results in duvet wars and a restless sleep.

As we are now into winter the duvet wars have begun in earnest in our house. At bedtime, one of us at any given time is always pulling the duvet away from the other or pushing it off onto the other. We cannot continue as it is until there is only one winner. So what do we do? Have a duvet each? Fortunately, nanu, the sleep specialists, have come up with a solution for exactly this predicament – the Hot&Not split-weight duvet (available in double and king sizes)!

The nanu Hot&Not duvet is a dual tog duvet, with a different tog rating for each half– basically two different tog rating single duvets merged together. A simple idea and one that works. Before you start building your perfect duvet, there is a limitation that you must be aware of – you can only use adjacent tog ratings for each side – e.g. 13.5 and 10.5, not 13.5 and 4.5 tog.

The comfort levels are:

  • toasty – 13.5 tog
  • cosy – 10.5 tog
  • chilled – 7.5 tog
  • extra cool – 4.5 tog

The duvet configuration you can have are:

  • toasty & cosy / cosy & toasty
  • cosy & chilled / chilled & cosy
  • chilled & extra cool / extra cool & chilled

Ordering and configuring your duvet is simple as nanu have a duvet builder on their website which walks you through selecting your tog ratings.

  • First you select if you want the Hot&Not Duvet or the Classic Duvet
  • Second you select the size; Double or King Size
  • Third you select what comfort levels you want for each side of the bed using a slider bar (it doesn’t let you choose a configuration that isn’t available such as toasty and extra cool)
  • Finally, you are asked to confirm size and what comfort level is for each side of the bed

We opted for toasty left side (13.5 tog) with cosy right side (10.5 tog).

It arrived in its own drawstring bag, which is also great for storing spare duvets and pillows, or even using as a laundry bag.

On removing the duvet from the bag, you can feel the quality of the duvet. It is made with a microfibre cover and hollowfibre filling. The best part is that the filling is made from recycled plastic bottles (each nanu duvet stops 17 plastic bottles going to landfill).

Before putting it on the bed, you obviously need to know which side of the duvet is Hot and which side is Not. There are 2 very easy ways to tell each side apart. The Hot&Not duvet comes with tags on each side to indicate which side is which. But the easiest way of telling the sides apart is much more visual, the side with the most stitched channels is the cooler side (on ours the warmest side was constructed of 2 panels while the cooler side had 7 or 8 smaller panels).

The Not&Not duvet is a good size and fits our duvet covers perfectly. Best of all, it is perfect for sleeping under and neither one of us is getting too hot or cold, which means the duvet wars have lessened!

Overall, we found this to be a very good quality duvet, that has been tailored to our needs and keeps both of us at our best sleeping temperatures. We are thinking about ordering a lighter one for the summer months.

Are you going into the New Year fighting over the duvet? Now you don’t have to with the nanu Hot&Not duvet, all you have to decide is what side is yours!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: from £50

For more information or to build your own duvet visit

DISCLOSURE: I received this product for free for the purpose of writing a honest and impartial review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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