Staying Safe This Halloween

Staying Safe This Halloween

The end of October is dark and kids are out Trick or Treating, here is a short guide to staying safe this Halloween.

Halloween or All Hallow’s Eve is upon us with its dark, cold October night and tomorrow night sees ghosts, ghouls, witches and monsters along with superheroes, film stars and even cartoon characters out patrolling the streets and knocking on doors Trick or Treating so here is a short guide with tips to staying safe this Halloween.

While Halloween is the tradition of remembering the dead, Trick or Treating is seen as an American tradition that started in the 1920’s and has only become popular in the UK over the past couple of decades. Going from house to house in costume reciting verse in exchange for food (treat) or warning householders of misfortune that may befall them (trick) has been around in the UK since the 19th century and can be traced back to at least as far as the 16th century. Halloween is now big business around the world.

Children all around the world dress up and go from house to house, knocking on doors uttering the phrase “Trick or Treat”. Trick referring to the threat of usually harmless mischief to the householder if a treat is not given. But while this is generally harmless fun if you do let you children out Trick or Treating you do need to follow some simple advice to keep your children safe.

  • Never let your children go Trick or Treating unaccompanied – make sure they go in groups or have a suitable adult accompanying them.
  • Make sure that you and your children can be seen in the dark – attach some reflective tape to the costumes, this way drivers can see you crossing the roads.
  • If given edible treats such as sweets throw away any that are unwrapped or look like the packaging has been tampered with. Do not eat any homemade sweets/cakes (unless you know and trust the giver).
  • Take a flashlight with you so you can see where you are going and others can see you.
  • Always WALK from house to house, DO NOT run.
  • If applying body make-up always test of a small patch of skin first and remove before going to bed to avoid any irritation.
  • Make your costumes fit well so you can see properly and avoid any trips or falls. Make sure the costumes are flame resistant as people tend to use a lot of candles on Halloween.
  • Never enter the house of strangers when knocking at their door and never accept a lift from a stranger. Try to visit houses of people you know and trust.

By following this basic safety advice Halloween should be safe and fun for everyone.

Happy Halloween and enjoy your Trick or Treating and above all else make sure your children are staying safe this Halloween night!

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