Have people of today lost their manners?


Manners for me are a must, but are children taught them?

As a child, myself, my brother and my sister were taught manners at home from saying please and thank you to asking to leave the table when we had finished dinner. Sadly manners and respect for other people seems to be a novelty these days.

I keep hearing on the TV that these things should be taught in schools but in my opinion all these people are sadly wrong and ignorant – manners and respect should be taught at home by the parent(s) and re-enforced at school. If you don’t teach them at home from an early age why are they going to learn them at school?

Saying please and thank you or opening a door for someone costs nothing and does not cause any inconvenience, although saying that I did seem to cause offense for saying that it was good manners to hold a door open for a women as the response was “Why, can’t they open doors themselves?” and that was from a woman. As a child if I saw a pensioner struggling with the shopping I would offer to help, if I were to do that today they would probably be afraid I was going to steal it and it seems these days more and more people are not interested in helping others.

With so little lack of respect and the parent’s inability to discipline their children either through laziness or the fear of being labelled a child abuser this is only going to get worse. Children are now under the mistaken impression that any form of discipline they can pick up the phone and call Social Services. This makes them think they have the upper hand and can do what they like. Where do these ideas come from? I recently heard on a phone in radio show of a school that asks children to leave the classroom and take a call if their phone rings! Why are they even allowed phones switched on in the classroom?

If you raise you children in this fashion thinking it’s cute or acceptable then they are going to grow up into horrible adults. A lot of today’s children demand what they want a get it and are too materialistic. If I wanted something as a child I had to save for it. Don’t get me wrong not all children are like this and while TV blames people from poorer backgrounds this is not solely the case, it happens regardless of how much money you have, or don’t have!

I expect every child to have a rant now and then and see how far they can push the boundaries, but if you remove the boundaries then this is what we are left with. If you give the child boundaries everybody knows where they stand and hopefully will work within it.

I see so many children now stamping their feet and demanding things and getting it I am not surprised they don’t care and have no respect for anybody or anything. Whatever happened to saying NO and not stand there arguing with a child. With proper discipline and respect on both parts this will not happen and everybody will be happier. I know this sounds easier said than done if your child is in a supermarket kicking up a fuss but standing there arguing becomes a battle of wills with the parent usually giving in for the sake of ease and to save embarrassment showing the child that to get what they want they just need to argue longer.

Every day I get more frustrated and annoyed by watching young adults and their kids showing such a complete lack of respect and manners and getting what they want. The rudeness and lack of social graces is getting worse with parents constantly blaming the schools and refusing to take any responsibilities themselves.

You may blame the government or the school system but unless you, the parent, teach them at home there is no one to blame but yourself. Obviously not every child is going to be perfect but as long as you teach them properly you know you have done your part.

Is it the fault of the government and school system or is it the fault of the parents? Maybe both are to blame but if they are not taught at home I can’t see how schools, the police, government or any other authority figure can assert any form of discipline or command respect.

Too many people today now only care about what is in it for them and have no thought for anyone else or how decisions they make will affect others, and they don’t seem to care.

Maybe I am totally wrong and have no idea what I am talking about but this is my opinion.

This article is my own opinion and not meant to cause any offense.

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