Spring Cleaning: Deep Clean Your Home

Spring Cleaning
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Well it is coming to that time of year again: Spring Cleaning. The days are getting lighter and brighter earlier, the storms (hopefully) have stopped, the flowers are starting to bloom, and the house needs a thorough deep clean. With winter out of the way, it is time to clean out the dirt that wet shoes and wellies drag in, wipe away all that hidden dust and refresh your space. After all, a clean and tidy house makes your house feel like home sweet home.

Before getting out the mop & bucket, the vacuum cleaners and all the associated cleaning products there are some things you should do first.

Make a checklist: Make a list of everything that you want to clean, de-clutter and organize. You’ll be amazed at how much goes onto that list – dust and vacuum the ceilings, wipe down the skirting boards and windowsills, vacuum the curtains and poles, disinfect all door handles and light switches, replace batteries in smoke alarms and test, etc… With a good list helping you plan in advance you shouldn’t miss anything and end up with a spotless house, all gleaming in the Spring sunshine.

De-clutter and organise: If you are always searching for something in drawers and cupboards then you probably have too much useless stuff and/or it is very badly organised. Take the time to throw out, rehome or gift to charity shops all those things you no longer have a use for (you might even be able to make some money selling on things you no longer need). Once the junk has gone, organize and re-organize your space.

Clean room by room: Don’t clean bits in each room and keep going back as it will leave you in a mess without bits everywhere, making the cleaning process a lot longer – pick a room and clean it thoroughly before moving on to the next one.

For a really through spring clean, make sure you remember to get all the hard to reach places that get forgotten about, such as under the fridge and sofas as well as clearing out any dust, dirt and grime from rarely accessed hidden away nooks and crannies.

Spring cleaning is a task that shouldn’t be underestimated or taken lightly, but I have trying out some items, including professional carpet cleaners and the world’s smallest vacuum cleaner, that will hopefully help make the job just that little bit easier.

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