Be Neutral – Decorating a Buy To Let Property


If you are a fan of good interior design, then a buy to let property can seem like a wonderful blank canvas. However, that isn’t to the way to look at it. You should try and keep to a minimal budget. Install items that will make the tenants comfortable, regardless of whether they suit your particular taste. In fact, you have to take your own likes out the equation altogether and to not to get too attached to what you would want. Read on for some more tips.

Buy to Let

Buying a property to let is a common form of investment these days. The idea is that you take out a mortgage on the property and the tenants rent covers this. So after a period of years you are left owning the entire thing. Then you can sell it and use it for your retirement or another investment project.

Some people choose to go it alone when they buy their properties to rent out, but others go with firms like Flambard Williams. The advantage of working with a professional firm is that they will have cherry picked the best properties in the areas that you are looking. They will, of course, provide you with the highest monthly return on your investment.

Decorating the Kitchen

While the kitchen is certainly the room that most often closes the deal in a retail situation, it is important to not get carried away. Gloss finishes and boiling water taps are only required in the most high end of properties. Otherwise, good, sturdy quality items that are not too dated will serve the tenants perfectly well.

Remember that it is meant to be a long-term investment. So even if you like the kitchen now, if you ever wanted to live in the property it won’t be until a lot, later on, so it would have gone out of style by then.


Something that is popular in rental bedrooms is neutral walls and curtains. This means that whatever bedding and furniture your tenant brings with them, they don’t have to worry that it won’t all match.

If there are storage heaters in the bedrooms, you may want to get rid of these while you are decorating. They are notoriously ineffective and can put potential renters off.


While carpets do give a more luxurious feel, they are not the most practical option for rental properties. Especially not cream carpets. Go for laminate floors which are easy to clean and replaces if the incur any damage. Seagrass matting can also work well in high traffic areas as it very long lasting.


While it’s unlikely that anyone will want to rent your house if the bathroom is dirty or dated, it doesn’t have to look like the latest spa retreat either.

A simple white bathroom suite is a safe bet. Go for white or neutral tile on the walls and floors. As this will save you getting earache from the tenant to repaint every 6 months or so.

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